Reversible Solid Oxide Cells as a Flexible, Dispatchable Resource for Grid-Energy Storage and Natural Gas Production Using CO2 and CH4

Conference Dates

May 22-26, 2017


Low-cost, high efficiency, electrical energy storage (EES) is needed for the future electric grid which will include more variable energy resources, such as wind and solar. Movement towards predominately low-carbon energy systems requires renewable resources and could be accelerated by integration of carbon capture and storage (CCS) with renewable energy. Currently, substantial penetration of wind and solar resources into the electric power grid is challenged by their intermittency and the timing of generation which can place huge ramping requirements on central utility plants [1], which are also limited in dynamic response capability. Storing the electric energy directly into batteries is one of the most efficient ways to preserve the energy generated from renewable resources, but capacity limitations of conventional batteries are too great at present to economically store enough energy at utility-scales. This talk will discuss employing novel EES systems derived from reversible fuel cell technology as a dispatchable energy resource.

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