November 10-14, 2019
Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise
Alberta, Canada

Editors:   John Kieffer, University of Michigan, USA
  Erik Spoeke, Sandia National Laboratories, USA
  Meisha Shofner, Georgia Institution of Technology, USA

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, John Kieffer, Meisha Shofner, and Erik Spoerke (Article)

Enabling circular engineering by redesigning a driver’s side front door using ultralightweight thermoplastics composites via systems level design and simulation strategy, Srikanth Pilla (Abstract)

Geologic entropy with economic constraints predicts mineral prices, Alan J. Hurd and Radha Perumal Ramasamy (Abstract)

Geopolymers: Versatile ceramics made at ambient temperatures, Waltraud M. Kriven (Abstract)

Composite polymer electrolytes for all-solid-state lithium batteries with nanostructured garnet ceramic fillers, Candace K. Chan (Abstract)

Hybrid organic-inorganic nano-composites for solid-state battery electrolytes, John Kieffer, Vazrik Keshishian, Cameran Beg, and Weimin Wang (Abstract)

Understanding the evolution of the silicon electrode SEI through model lithium silicate thin film layers, Christopher A. Apblett, Jaclyn Coyle, Gabriel Veith, and Michael Brumbach (Abstract)

Dense ceramic cathodes for lithium and sodium batteries, Paul Braun (Abstract)

Self-healing copolymers via van der Waals interactions, Marek Urban and Siyang Wang (Abstract)

Vapor phase infiltration for transforming polymers into organic-inorganic hybrid materials: Processing science, structural complexity, and emerging applications, Mark D. Losego, Emily McGuinness, Fengyi Zhang, Ryan Lively, and Collen Leng (Abstract)

New furan-based thermosetting polymer systems, Giuseppe R. Palmese (Abstract)

A new paradigm in functionally graded adhesives, Daniel Schmidt, Weiqing Xia, Sara Najafian, Alessandro Cassano, and Scott Stapleton (Abstract)

Novel calcium ion conducting solid electrolyte with NASICON-type structure, Nobuhito Imanaka (Abstract)

The ion seeps tonight: Assessing ionic transport in multilayered nanocomposites, Erik Spoerke, Amanda S. Peretti, Stephen J. Percival, Leo J. Small, Martha M. Gross, Eric J. Schindelholz, Michael Melia, Susan Rempe, Derek Nelson, and Sara Russo (Abstract)

Electrochemical artificial muscle yarns and textiles that harvest and store environmentally available energies, Ray Baughman (Abstract)

Multi-component colloidal nanorod heterostructures and their optoelectronic/photovoltaic applications, Moonsub Shim (Abstract)

Direct-write additive manufacturing of polymer and ceramic composites, Brett Compton (Abstract)

Hyperbaric laser chemical vapor deposition of high-strength aluminum- silicon-carbide nanocomposite fibers for aerospace and transportation applications, James L. Maxwell, Avinash Baji, and Ing Kong (Abstract)

Cold sintered ceramic composites for microwave applications, Ian Reaney (Abstract)

Design of ceramic-polymer optical composites for building energy efficiency: Infrared property control and transparent bulk thermal insulators, Paul Clem, T.S. Luk, E.D. Spoerke, S.Y Chou, T.E. Beechem, and P. Hopkins (Abstract)

Engineered Molding Compound (EMC): Optimizing the design, performance, and economics of carbon fiber composites for industrial applications, Jason Reese, Dave Bank, Patrick Blanchard, and Johnathan Goodsell (Abstract)

Bioinspired design of structural and thermal interface materials, Nima Rahbar (Abstract)

Soft matter structure measurement by polarized resonant soft X-ray scattering, Dean DeLongchamp (Abstract)

Profiles in local glass transition temperature near and across polymer interfaces in nanostructured blends, Connie B. Roth (Abstract)

Hierarchical hybrid materials for robust and reusable functional devices, Sharmila Mukhopadhyay (Abstract)

Organic-inorganic hybrid polymer coatings with controlled biofunctionality, Svetlana A. Sukhishvili, Victoria Albright, Alexander Marin, and Alexander K. Andrianov (Abstract)

Protein-based drug delivery and thermal protection via Mof encapsulation, Jeremiah Gassensmith (Abstract)


Additive manufacturing of monomer-free ORMOCER®-based composites for dental and audiological application, Herbert Wolter, Carina Kolb, and Somchith Nique (Abstract and Presentation)

High rate deformation behavior and extraordinary energy absorption of carbon nanotube mats and glassy polymer thin films, Edwin Thomas, Jinho Hyon, Olawale Lawal, Jason Streit, and Jason Streit (Abstract)

Defect coupling: The last frontier in predicting the strength, life, and durability of fiber reinforced composite laminates, Kenneth Reifsnider, MD Rassel Raihan, and Vamsee Vadlamudi (Abstract)

Tricomponent composites with cellulose nanocrystals and chitin nanofibers - Exploring potential synergy through component interactions, Meisha Shofner, Cameron W. Irvin, Chinmay C. Satam, and J. Carson Meredith (Abstract)

Precise 3D structuring of polymer nanocomposites using triaxial magnetic fields, Namiko Yamamoto and Yagmur Atescan (Abstract)

Ceramic composite bone tissue scaffolds, John A. Nychka and Caitlin M. Guzzo (Abstract)

Improved mechanical performance of a next-generation hybrid bone adhesive, Alina Kirillova and Ken Gall (Abstract)

Natural functionally-graded composites in hard-to-soft tissue (bone- tendon) junctions, Linn W. Hobbs, Willie Mae Reese, and Alexandra E. Porter (Abstract)

How big should your nanoindentation be? The implications of indentation size in assessing the properties of complex structure, David F. Bahr, Raheleh Mohammad Rahimi, Alexandra C. Burch, and Siavash Ghanbari (Abstract)

Directions of zero thermal expansion in anisotropic oxides, Scott J. McCormack, William A. Wheeler, Benjamin S. Hulbert, and Waltraud M. Kriven (Abstract)

Activating extrinsic and intrinsic toughening mechanisms in polycrystalline ceramics and their composites via microstructural engineering, Jessica A. Krogstad and Charles S. Smith (Abstract)

A new paradigm to evaluate the cleavage energy of brittle materials, Dov Sherman and Merna Shaheen-Mualim (Abstract)

Strategies to strengthen ceramics for windows and domes, Ivar Reimanis (Abstract)

Cosmic composites: Rocks from space and their astonishing influence on earth and humanity, Gregory A. Brennecka (Abstract)

Processing and structure of Bopp film with nanoparticle-based additives, Krishnamurthy Jayaraman and Xing Lu (Abstract)

Imparting machine intelligence into direct ink write manufacturing, J. Daniel Berrigan, Mr. Marshall V. Johnson, James O. Hardin, H. Clive Liu, and Surya Kalidindi (Abstract)

Bioinspired nanocomposites: Ordered 2D materials within a 3D lattice, Iryna Polishchuk, Giuseppe Falini, and Boaz Pokroy (Abstract)

Scaling up graphene PET nano-composites for industry applications, Jay C. Hanan and Sudheer Bandla (Abstract)

3D printing functional composites & devices, Michael McAlpine (Abstract)

Additive manufacturing of inorganic-organic hybrid materials for transdermal biosensor applications, Roger Narayan (Abstract)

Bio‐Nanopatterning: Inkjet printed nanopatterned aptamer‐based sensors for improved optical detection of foodborne pathogens, Lia Stanciu and Susana Diaz (Abstract)

Perovskite nitrides: A new playground for functional materials, Geoff L. Brennecka,; Kevin Talley; Rachel Sherbondy; and Andriy Zakutayev (Abstract)

Ag nanowire-based nanocomposites for interconnects of flexible/wearable electronics, Byungil Hwang (Abstract)

Self-strengthening polymer composites by vibration, Aaron Esser-Kahn, Zhao Wang, and Jun Wang (Abstract)

Development and optimization of hybridized glass/carbon Lft composites for cost and performance, Kristin Hardin, Nathan Bergler, and Jacob Anderson (Abstract)

Carbon oxidation over silver/perovskite-type oxide composite catalysts, Hidenori Yahiro (Abstract)

Beyond nanosilica: Geopolymeric nanoaluminosilicates for functional nanocomposites, Dong-Kyun Seo, Shaojiang Chen, and Wenwen Zhang (Abstract)

In situ synchrotron studies of oxide ceramics to 3,000°C, Waltraud M. Kriven (Abstract)

Coherent nanoprecipitates within a biogenic single crystal: From spinodal decomposition to a prestressing strategy, Boaz Pokroy (Abstract)

Role of nanoscale coherent precipitates on the thermo-mechanical response of martensitic materials, Alejandro Strachan (Abstract)

Design, printing, and characterization of aerospace morphing structures, Jeffery Baur, Wesley Chapkin, David Seifert, Patrick Walgren, and Geoff Frank (Abstract)

Self-healable copolymers via van der Waals interactions, Siyang Wang and Dmitriy Davydovich (Abstract)

Reconstitution of elastic properties – New insights into the functional behavior of polymer matrix composites, John Kieffer and Manon Heili (Abstract)

Fracture of 3D printed brittle open-cell structures under compression, Dov Sherman and lihi Shenhav (Abstract)

Reprintable self-healing polymer networks, Svetlana Sukhishvili, Qing Zhou, and Frank Gardea (Abstract)

Walnut shell extract as sustainable, eco-friendly and cost-effective green corrosion inhibitor for fabrication of active protective nanocomposite coating based on mesoporous carbon hollow nanospheres, Seyyedarash Haddadi and Mohammad Mahdavian (Abstract)

Deeper understanding of cobalt-doped SiC nanowires as excellent electromagnetic wave absorbers, Caiyun Liang, Zhijiang Wang, and Lijie Guo (Abstract)

A novel and cost-effective double-capsule nanocomposite coating based on carbon hollow spheres with self-healing performance for corrosion protection, Seyyedarash Haddadi, Ahmad Ramazani S.A, Mohammad Mahdavian, Peyman Taheri, J.M.C. Mol, Yaiza Gonzalez-Garcia, Mohammad Arjmand, and Farhad Ahmadijokani (Abstract)

Investigating the mechanical properties of nonfunctionalized mwcnt reinforced polymer (pmma) nanocomposites, Anand Joshi (Abstract)

Sintering of hierarchically-structured boron carbide for toughening and multi- functionality, Namiko Yamamoto, Jingyao Dai, and Jogender Singh (Abstract)