Bio‐Nanopatterning: Inkjet printed nanopatterned aptamer‐based sensors for improved optical detection of foodborne pathogens

Conference Dates

November 10-14, 2019


The increasing incidence of infectious outbreaks from contaminated food and water supplies continues to impose a global burden for public health. There is a market demand for on‐site, disposable, easy‐to‐use, and cost‐efficient pathogen sensing devices. Despite the rapid growth of biosensing as a research field, and the generation of breakthrough technologies, more than 80% of the biosensors developed at the laboratory scale never will get to meet the market. This work presents a cost‐efficient, reliable, and repeatable aptasensing platform for the whole-cell detection of foodborne pathogens in real food samples.

An optimized inkjet printing platform was designed, taking advantage of the carefully controlled bionanopatterning of novel carboxyl‐functionalized aptameric inks on a nitrocellulose substrate.

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