A new paradigm to evaluate the cleavage energy of brittle materials

Conference Dates

November 10-14, 2019


Crack initiation in brittle materials is usually dictated by the energy required to create two new surfaces. This energy is known as Griffith barrier and equals twice the free and relaxed surface energy, 2gs. This value is usually taken as the cleavage energy for crack propagation as well. We investigated, experimentally, the fundamentals of cracks dynamics in brittle crystals, with emphasis on the cleavage energy at initiation and during propagation. Silicon crystal served as a model material, where two of its low energy cleavage systems (LECSs) were examined. During experiments, the gradient of the quasi-static energy release rate (ERR) for unit length of crack advance, dG0/daQ (in units of J/m2/mm), was revealed as a new critical variable not discussed before, with a critical influence on the material property [1,3].

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