July 22-25, 2018
Washington Duke Inn
Durham, North Carolina, USA

Editors:   Dr. Samiul Amin, L'Oreal Research and Innovation
  Prof. P. (Som) Somasundaran, Columbia University

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Samiul Amin and Ponisseril Somasundaran (Article)

Janus particles as solid surfactants, Daeyeon Lee (Abstract)

Formulation opportunities due to gelling and jamming in colloidal multiphase systems, Sven H. Behrens (Abstract)

Multi-nanoemulsions: Nanodroplets in nanodroplets for formulation design, Matthew Helgeson (Abstract)

Bijels formed by mixing: Escaping from phase separating liquids, Paul Clegg (Abstract)

New modes of solute release from capsules and capsule-loaded gels, Srini Raghavan (Abstract)

Elucidating the mechanism of polymer/surfactant coacervate delivery/conditioning systems, Robert Lochhead and Vipul Padman (Abstract)

From complexation of oppositely charged polyelectrolytes to supramolecular bottlebrushes and gels., Michael Rubinstein, Qi Liao, and Sergey Panyukov (Abstract)

Surfactant-Activated Micro-gels in Micellar Systems, Krishnan Chari (Abstract)

Materials via interfacial assembly: strips bijels, nice, & awesome structures, Kathleen Stebe and Daeyeon Lee (Abstract)

Bio-inspired metal-coordination: Using more of nature’s tricks to assemble hydrogel materials with multi-functional properties, Niels Holten-Andersen (Abstract)

Skin regeneration with a synthetic biomaterial that replaces the extracellular matrix, Emily English, Matthew Davenport, and Sharon Gerecht (Abstract)

New core-shell microgel offers creative texture and water-fresh sensory qualities to skin care products., Anne Dussaud, Ning Lu, Dave Clay, and Geng Wang (Abstract)

Emulsions, foams and fragrance design in skin cleansing formulations: Review and innovations, Martin Vethamuthu (Abstract)

Light scattering and color adaptation that originate from a natural nanomaterial, Leila Deravi, Amrita Kumar, Sean R. Dinneen, and Richard M. Osgood III (Abstract)

Polyglyceryl Ester based surfactants – an attractive green alternative to the current non- ionic surfactants., Jordan Petkov, Elias Pambou, and Peter Kralchevsky (Abstract)


NatSurFact: Progress in commercializing rhamnolipids, Daniel Derr (Abstract and Presentation)


Novel high-performance ingredients based on functionalized polysaccharides – The role of enzymatic catalysis., Stefan Ulvenlund (Abstract and Presentation)

Protein nanocages as novel biosurfactant in the formulation of Pickering emulsion and gel, Mridul Sarker and Sierin Lim (Abstract)


Sulfate free solutions for personal care applications, Prabhjyot Singh (Abstract and Presentation)

Bio-based nanoparticles for broadband UV protection with photo-stabilized UV-filters, Krassimir Velikov, Arnout Imhof, and Krassimir P. Velikov (Abstract)

Fragrance solubilizing properties of bio-based alkyl polyglucosides and their impact on the aesthetic and functional characteristics of a model cleansing composition, Lulu Henson (Abstract)

Bio-Based Surfactants for Benign Cosmetic Products: Principles and Applications, Ponisseril Somasundaran and P. Patra (Abstract)


Structural, nanomechanical, and nanotribological characterization of human hair and conditioner using atomic force microscopy and nanoindentation, Bharat Bhushan (Abstract and Presentation)

Rheological prediction of sensory attributes for lotions – learning from toothpastes, Andrei Potanin (Abstract)

Physical characterization of long wear foundations, Hy Bui, Jody Ebanks, and Mariko Hasebe (Abstract)

Effect of interactions between a hydrophobically modified polymer and phospholipids in the rheological and frictional properties of complex gels, Saad Khan, Barbara V. Farias, and Lilian C. Hsiao (Abstract)


Sensory kaleidoscope – Taking skin feel to the next level taking sensory from nature, Anna Howe, Anne Mu, and Brian Yang (Abstract)


Advanced rheological and tribological methods for cosmetic products, Joerg Laeuger (Abstract)

Formulation design of complex fluids based products through diffusing wave spectroscopy (DWS), Samiul Amin, Frank Scheffold, Danila Guadino, and Mathias Reufer (Abstract)

The Material Science of Cosmetics, Prithwiraj Maitra (Abstract)

Interactions of cationic formulations on human hair: Effects on cuticle texture and cortex porosity, Adriana Fregonesi, Carla Scanavez, Renata i Buelon, and Helen Arcuri (Abstract)

Effect of city pollution and its cleansing treatments on hair, Ernesta Malinauskyte, Alison Robinson, Arya Esrafily, and Paul Cornwell (Abstract)

Anisotropic assembly of nanoparticles within polymers, Gaurav Arya (Abstract)

A new class of dendrimeric "gecko legs" polymer particles with extraordinary structure- building, gelation and adhesive capabilities, Sangchul Roh, Austin Williams, Simeon D. Stoyanov, and Orlin D. Velev (Abstract)

Dynamics of double-semidilute liquid coacervates formed by oppositely charged polyelectrolytes, Christian Aponte-Rivera and Michael Rubinstein (Abstract)

Large scale fabrication of environmentally benign nanoparticles from lignin for use as delivery vehicles of active ingredients, Cathryn G. Conner, and Orlin D. Velev (Abstract)


Compound design process - to a better start, Aurora Costache, Gabor Imre, Ivan Solt, Akos Tarcsay, and Aurora Costache (Abstract and Presentation)

Understanding tribological behavior of complex gel systems for personal care applications using surrogate skin and their bulk rheology, Barbara V. Farias and Saad A. Khan (Abstract)

Derivatization of the low-priced commercial retinol for the anti-aging cosmetics, Bonwook Koo, Jeasung Park, ByungJo Yu, and Jiyoon Do (Abstract)

Multi-method in-vitro and in-vivo evaluation of coacervation and deposition behavior in cleansing formulations, Matthew A. Lohr and Tobias Futterer (Abstract)

Characterization of ozone effect on human hair, Ernesta Malinauskyte, Kimberly Wyluda, Ben Mac, and Samuel Gourion-Arsiquaud (Abstract)

Quantification and visulization of taurine delivery and penetration into skin, Junhong Mao, Samuel Gourion-Arsiquaud, Aixing Fan, and Laurence Du-Thumm (Abstract)

Transparent and soft elastomeric composites and oil/water biphasic systems with stimuli-triggered release of “invisible” liquid, Sangchul Roh, Orlin D. Velev, and Krassimir P. Velikov (Abstract)

Effect of rhamnolipids biosurfactant on traditional surfactants: A macro- and microrheological study, Liangchen Xu, Samiul Amin, and Yao Zhou (Abstract)

Effect of rhamnolipids on surface tension and interfacial behaviors on traditional surfactants, Yao Zhou, Liangchen Xu, and Samiul Amin (Abstract)

Protein nanocages for cutaneous delivery, Mridul Sarker and Sierin Lim (Abstract)

New customized solutions for hair conditioning applications, Prabhjyot Singh (Abstract)