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July 22-25, 2018


The skin feel of a cosmetic formulation is one of the drives for consumers’ purchase decision and loyalty to care products. Traditionally, skin sensory evaluations on various attributes are often conducted in comparison among prototypes to predict/screen winning formulations with high probability of consumers’ acceptance. However, due to the large number of sensory attributes, it is a challenge to compare several products/formulations of interests with all attributes in one chart. A new interactive tool, developed by Evonik, using a scientific approach to describe and understand the skin sensory profiles, allows simple comparison of formulations in one chart. It also visualizes how changing certain formulation components affect the skin feel in various ways and can therefore help formulators with future product development to achieve a desired skin feel. An example will be shown using a natural cellulose fiber comparing against well-known natural particles and synthetic particles in oil-in-water and water-in-oil systems, and how that supports an optimized design of overall sensory performance of cosmetic formulations.

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