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July 22-25, 2018


NatSurFact is a rhamnolipid-based biosurfactant ingredient for the cosmetics industry developed by Logos Technologies. Rhamnolipids are a member of the glycolipid class of biosurfactants. They are made up of a rhamnose sugar head group and medium chain length 3-hydroxy fatty acid tails. Their structure was first elucidated in 1949 and they have been studied for myriad applications both academically and commercially since. While their properties as an anionic surfactant in the salt form are attractive – natural, mild, high foaming, high cleansing – they are not sold yet in appreciable commercial quantities. To bring rhamnolipids to market, Logos has focused on efficient and cost effective manufacturing. We will present some interesting characteristics of NatSurFact rhamnolipids product grades and discuss our process of production. We are working with a variety of downstream partners and academics to develop personal care formulations, including cosmetics, and our efforts will be detailed. Finally, we will talk about the future of rhamnolipids and NatSurFact as the market for biosurfactants begins to mature.

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