Polyglyceryl Ester based surfactants – an attractive green alternative to the current non- ionic surfactants.

Conference Dates

July 22-25, 2018


The consumer demand in personal care for “natural” non-ionic surfactants is growing. The current offerings are mainly based on petrol derived non-ionics and the alkyl polyglucoside based surfactants are one of the few exceptions. In this paper we will present results on relatively new and little known surfactants entirely based on natural renewable sources – polyglyceryl esters. The lack of enough data on their functionality in the literature and their full characterisation has delayed their penetration in a crowded cosmetics market and this presentation will try address this gap. The provided data will manifest the surfactants’ ability to reduce the surface/interfacial tension to very low values. Their mildness combined with an excellent foamability profile make them the surfactant of choice for formulations aimed at sensitive skin consumers.

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