New core-shell microgel offers creative texture and water-fresh sensory qualities to skin care products.

Conference Dates

July 22-25, 2018


Sensorial attributes such as texture are essential to designing skin care products that satisfy growing consumer trends. Momentive’s patented, silicone-grafted polyacrylate microgel is an innovative, multifunctional structuring/texturing agent that can deliver a wide range of new, creative textures with a water-fresh feel. The swelling and emulsification properties of this multifunctional hydrophilic/hydrophobic particle demonstrate the microgel’s versatility and array of achievable textures. Core-shell microgel can emulsify a large volume of oil and provide excellent dispersion power for solid particles, and an enhanced, lightweight feel to sunscreen formulations. Silicone copolymer grafting can allow the development of skin care formulations that achieve more with less—more functionality, fewer ingredients.

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