Derivatization of the low-priced commercial retinol for the anti-aging cosmetics

Conference Dates

July 22-25, 2018


A retinol is a well-known source material for the anti-aging cosmetics due to its superior effects on the anti-wrinkle and anti-skin aging, and lots of cosmetic manufacturers have used it for the high-priced anti-aging products. However it is easily oxidized in the air and the oxidation causes the side effects like the skin irritation and a poor delivery of the active ingredients into the skin. Thus the stability improvement of the retinol must be required to minimize the side effects and enhance the absorbability and moisturizing property of the final products.

In this study, the derivatization of the retinol was performed to enhance the stability and the low-priced commercial retinol was used as the material to strengthen the competitiveness of the retinol based anti-aging products.

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