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May 29-June 3, 2016


The repassivation behavior of Al alloys 7075-T6 and 2024-T3 was investigated by means of pitting scan (PS) technique (Fig. 1) (Trueba, Trasatti, 2015). The effect of mechanical load and galvanic coupling was estimated by considering principally the electrochemical characteristics of the reverse curve, namely the pit transition potential (Eptp), the associated current density (iptp) and the steepness. The load levels explored were mostly below the elastic limit, using four point bent-beam (4PBB) stress-corrosion test specimens (ASTM G39-99). CRES 304 or Ti6Al4V alloy were physically joined with Al sheet for simulating stress-induced galvanic corrosion. Different experimental variables (e.g. irev, [Cl-], pH, scan rate, etc.) were also considered. The study was complemented with corrosion morphology analysis.

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