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March 6-11, 2016


Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) is a process for powder compaction for which the number of studies is constantly increasing due to promising results. It consists in concurrently applying a load, and a pulsed direct current of very high intensity through graphite tooling in order to sinter powders. Regarding its application to metals, its growing popularity lies in the very fast temperature increase and short cycle time driven by the Joule’s effect, which limits grain growth. However, the different and strong interactions between the different physical phenomena make the process difficult to develop and apply for routine industrial production. That motivates the development of numerical simulation in view of better understanding and optimization of the process. Up to now, very few models integrating the coupling between heat transfer, electric transfer and mechanics have been proposed.

In this study, results coming from a fully coupled numerical computation and experimental data are investigated in detail.

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