March 10-15, 2019
Hotel Dos Templarios
Tomar, Portugal

Editors:   Rishi Raj, University of Colorado, USA
  Olivier Guillon, Forschungzentrum Jülich, Germany
  Hidehiro Yoshida, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.

Upcoming Conference: Electric Field Enhanced Processing of Advanced Materials III: Complexities and Opportunities
March 19-24, 2023
Tomar, Portugal



Conference Program, Rishi Raj, Olivier Guillon, and Hidehiro Yoshida (Article)


Field assisted sintering of larger scaled ceramic parts using adapted tool design and hybrid heating, Martin Bram, Moritz Kindelmann, Alexander M. Laptev, and Olivier Guillon (Abstract and Presentation)

Elaboration of complex shapes by spark plasma sintering, Antoine van der Laan, Romain Epherre, and Claude Estournès (Abstract)

Flash sintering of injection molded zirconia under AC electric field for enhancement of optical properties, Andre L. G. Prette, Christopher Green, and David Pearmain (Abstract)

Electrical field assisted sintering of yttrium-doped ceria investigated by sinter-forging, Olivier Guillon, Chen Cao, and Robert Mücke (Abstract)


Advantages of the method of high-voltage consolidation of powder materials, Evgeny Grigoryev, Vladimir Goltsev, Natalya Ermakova, Andrey Osintsev, and Aleksandr Plotnikov (Abstract and Presentation)


Flash sintering of beta-alumina solid electrolytes for sodium battery applications, Gareth Jones, Y. Hu, S. Ghanizadeh, D. Pearmain, S.N. Heavens, J.S. Blackburn, and S. Maclachlan (Abstract and Presentation)

Electrochemical, optical and thermal effects during flash sintering of 8YSZ, Mattia Biesuz, Mike Reece, Theo Saunders, Lorenzo Pinter, Vincenzo Sglavo, Jon Binner, and Salvatore Grasso (Abstract)

Study of the phase transformation induced by flash sintering in Mn2O3 and the investigation of the role of defects in flash sintering using in-situ Raman spectroscopy, Shannon Murray, Soumitra Sulekar, Daniel Shoemaker, and Tyler Jensen (Abstract)

Increase in hardness for flash sintered ceramics, David Kok, Martha Mecartney, and Rishi Raj (Abstract)

In-situ x-ray characterization of phase evolution during solid-state reactions of multicomponent systems, Sanjit Ghose (Abstract)

Solute-drag vs solute-acceleration during microstructural evolution of alumina, Wayne D. Kaplan, Ruth Moshe, and Rachel Marder (Abstract)

Dielectric behavior of FLASH sintered KNN, Paula M. Vilarinho, Ricardo Serrazina, Ana M.O.R Senos, and Luis Pereira (Abstract)

Formation of defect-enriched phases far from equilibrium as a flash sintering mechanism, Malte Jongmanns and Dietrich E. Wolf (Abstract)

Deep learning of CVD growth and phase-transition pathways in layered materials, Rajiv Kalia (Abstract)

Modeling of Joule heating in KNN FLASH sintering, Ricardo Serrazina, Julian Dean, Ian M. Reaney, Ana M.O.R. Senos, Paula M. Vilarinho, and Luis Pereira (Abstract)

Thermal runaway, dynamic stability and process control in flash sintering, João Pereira da Silva, Chen Cao, Robert Mücke, Olivier Guillon, and Tarini Mishra (Abstract)


Kinetics of liquid-assisted densification during flash sintering of ceramic nanoparticles, Rachman Chaim (Abstract and Presentation)

Impedance characterization of calcia-stabilized zirconia as a function of applied field, Julia Ramírez González and Anthony R. West (Abstract)

High temperature tensile behavior of zirconia ceramics under DC current, Koji Morita, Hidehiro YOSHIDA, Byung-Nam KIM, Keijiro HIRAGA, and Yoshio SAKKA (Abstract)

Densification and grain growth kinetics of 3mol% Y2O3 stabilized zirconia during flash sintering, Ke Ren and Yiguang Wang (Abstract)

Deformation mechanisms of flash sintered yttria-stabilized zirconia via in situ micromechanical testing, Jaehun Cho, Qiang Li, Jin Li, Han Wang, Sichuang Xue, Suryanarayana Karra, Haiyan Wang, R. Edwin García, Xinghang Zhang, Zhe Fan, Troy B. Holland, and Amiya K. Mukherjee (Abstract)

Low temperature and high strain rate superplastic flow in structural oxide ceramics induced by flash event, Hidehiro Yoshida, Yamato Sasaki, and Takahisa Yamamoto (Abstract)

The onset of flash sintering 8YSZ, Jinling Liu, Dianguang Liu, and Yiguang Wang (Abstract)

Comparison of the electrical and structural properties of flash sintered yttria-stabilized zirconia, Carolyn Grimley, Elizabeth C. Dickey, and Andre L. G. Prette (Abstract)

Study of flash phenomena on single crystals of cubic 8 mol% yttria stabilized zirconia, Devinder Yadav (Abstract)

Electric field induced softening of glass: What can it tell about the mechanism of flash sintering?, Himanshu Jain (Abstract)

Reaction flash sintering for producing high quality functional ceramics within seconds, Luis A. Perez-Maqueda, Antonio Perejon, Eva Gil-González, Pedro E. Sánchez-Jimenez, and Rishi Raj (Abstract)

Charged grain boundaries and the microstructural evolution of ionic ceramics, Edwin Garcia; KSN Vikrant,; and Wolfgang Reinheimer (Abstract)

Enhanced ionic conductivity of 8 mol% yttria stabilized zirconia by flash sintering, Xavier Vendrell, Devinder Yadav, Rishi Raj, and Anthony R. West (Abstract)

Local structure and kinetics of defect accumulation in titania flash events, Daniel Shoemaker, Soumitra S. Sulekar, Shannon E. Murray, and Prashant S. Murray (Abstract)

Mixed ionic electronic conductivity and flash sintering, Ilan Riess (Abstract)

Metastable nanomaterials and nanocomposites obtained by high-pressure torsion powder consolidation, Stefan Wurster, Lukas Weissitsch, Reinhard Pippan, Andrea Bachmaier, and Martin Stückler (Abstract)

Some observations on the response of oxides to an applied field, Anthony West (Abstract)


Ultra-rapid microwave sintering of ceramics and powder metals, Kirill I. Rybakov, Yury Bykov, Anatoly Eremeev, Sergei Egorov, Vladislav Kholoptsev, Ivan Plotnikov, and Andrei Sorokin (Abstract and Presentation)

Effective colloidal processing for densification before SPS, Tohru S. Suzuki, Toshiyuki Nishimura, Byung-Nam Kim, Kazuto Matsui, and Hajime Kiyono (Abstract)

The role of defects in microwave-assisted synthesis of cubic ZrO2, Nathan J. Nakamura, Elizabeth Culbertson, Simon J. L. Billinge, B. Reeja Jayan, Han Wang, Haiyan Wang, and C. Stephen Hellberg (Abstract)

Electric field assisted densification of 10 mol% gadolinium doped ceria (GDC 10), Tarini Prasad Mishra, Olivier Guillon, Martin Bram, Rubens Roberto Ingraci Neto, and Rishi Raj (Abstract)

Some strategies to (co)-sinter refractory functional oxides at low temperature by spark plasma sintering, Catherine Elissalde, U-Chan Chung, Mario Maglione, Graziella. Goglio, Michaël Josse, Hélène Debéda Debéda, and Maria-Isabel Rua-Taborda (Abstract)

Cool-SPS: Pulling down the temperature, pushing up the reactivity, Michaël Josse, U-Chan Chung Seu, Dominique Michau, Cathy Elissalde, Flora Molinari, Liza El Khoury, Subhransu Bhoi, Mathieu Marchivie, and Thomas Hérisson de Beauvoir (Abstract)

Grain growth behavior during spark plasma sintering of ceramics, Byung-Nam Kim, Koji Morita, and Hidehiro Yoshida (Abstract)

Densification of NdFeB magnets by electro-discharge sintering - Microstructure, mechanical and magnetic properties, Lennart Leich, Werner Theisen, and Arne Röttger (Abstract)

Electrical-field assisted flash joining of ceramic oxide-ceramic oxide and ceramic oxide-metal, Yiguang Wang, Junbo Xia, and Ke Ren (Abstract)

Flash sintering of armor materials: Challenges and opportunities, Andrew Rosenberger, Raymond Brennan, Michael Kornecki, Selva Vennila Raju, and Aubrey Fry (Abstract)


Effect of the addition of doped-cobalt on the properties of recycled tungsten carbide powder sintered by SPS, Alexandre Mégret, Véronique Vitry, and Fabienne Delaunois (Abstract and Presentation)

Anomalous twinning in AZ 31 magnesium alloy during electrically assisted forming, Franz Körkemeyer, Andrej Dalinger, Gregory Gerstein, Stefan Zaefferer, and Abhishek Tripathi (Abstract)

Evidence of localized, incipient melting during field-assisted sintering of oxide dispersion strengthened, nanocrystalline metals, Sean J. Fudger, Chris Haines, Billy Hornbuckle, Efrain Hernandez, Anthony Roberts, Anit Giri, Kris Darling, and Thomas Luckenbaugh (Abstract)

Atom displacement during in-situ Synchrotron Measurements in TiO2 in Stage III of flash, Bola Yoon, Devinder Yadav, Rishi Raj, Sanjit Ghose, Pankaj Sarin, and Daniel Shoemaker (Abstract)

Influence of Surface to Volume Ratio on the Onset of Power Density and Full Densification of YSZ, Viviana Avila and Rishi Raj (Abstract)

Triggering the catalytic activity of SrTiO3-based ceramics by flash sintering, Simone Mascotto, Bugra Kayaalp, Kurt Klauke, Mattia Biesuz, Alessandro Iannaci, Vincenzo M. Sglavo, Massimiliano D’Arienzo, Siwon Lee, and WooChul Jung (Abstract)

Atmosphere assisted FLASH sintering of KNN, Ana Senos, Ricardo Serrazina, Paula M. Vilarinho, and Luis Pereira (Abstract)

Studies of Current Localization during Flash, Seohyeon Jo (Abstract)

Flash of Zirconia Particle Coated with Nanoscale Alumina, Becky O’Toole (Abstract)

Flash Crystallization of Pitch Carbon Fibers, Rubens Rishi Raj Ingracia, David Marshall, and Rishi Raj (Abstract)

Field Assisted Material Engineering (FAME), Mattia Biesuz, Salvatore Grasso, Chunfeng Hu, Theo Saunders, and Mike Reece (Abstract)


Hybrid sintering – The beneficial combination of sintering principles, Juergen Hennicke, Tobias Kessel, and Sergio Rivera Monte (Abstract and Presentation)

Exploitation of industrial application of FLASH to sinter ceramics, Ricardo Serrazina, Nuno Ferreira, Luis Figueiredo, Oleksander Tkach, Paula M. Vilarinho, Ana M.O.R. Senos, Diamantino Dias, and Alvaro Serrão (Abstract)

"Fields Matter" intiative in Germany, Olivier Guillon (Abstract)

Field assisted processing of 3D printed ceramics, Bala Vaidhyanathan, K. Annapoorani, and W. Rowlands (Abstract)

Influence of 3YSZ sample height at the onset temperature of flash sintering, João Vitor Campos, Isabela R. Lavagnini, Rafael V. de Sousa, Julieta A. Ferreira, and Eliria M. J. A. Pallone (Abstract)


Photoluminescence in SPS-processed transparent Ce:YAG ceramics, Avital Wagner, Nachum Frage, Sergey Kalabukhov, and Barak Ratzker (Abstract and Presentation)

In situ measurements of partial discharge patterns on porous YSZ pellets pressed between planar platinum electrodes used for flash sintering, Jean-Francois Fagnard, Caroline Gajdowski, Laurent Boilet, Jean-Pierre Erauw, François Henrotte, Philippe Vanderbemden, and Christophe Geuzaine (Abstract)

A novel system for quenching during flash sintering, Mattan Becker, Sioma Baltianski, and Yoed Tsur (Abstract)

In situ electron microscopy studies of electric field assisted sintering of oxide ceramics, Danny Schwarzbach, Cynthia A. Volkert, and Vladimir Roddatis (Abstract)


Tensile strength of materials obtained by electric pulse consolidation of powders, Evgeny Grigoryev, Vladimir Goltsev, Andrey Osintsev, and Aleksandr Plotnikov (Abstract and Presentation)


Microstructure evolution during high-pressure spark plasma sintering (HPSPS) of transparent alumina, Barak Ratzker, Sergey Kalabukhov, Nachum Frage, and Avital Wagner (Abstract and Presentation)

Impact of an external electric field on grain growth in oxides: Comparison of flash sintered samples to field assisted grain growth, Jan Preusker, Xin Li Phuah, Han Wang, Wolfgang Rheinheimer, Haiyan Wang, and Michael J. Hoffmann (Abstract)

Pattern formation during current sintering (Simulation), Lukas Engelke and Dietrich E. Wolf (Abstract)

Microstructural evolution of 3YSZ flash sintered with current ramp control, Isabela R. Lavagnini, João Vitor Campos, Eliria M. J. A. Pallone, and Julieta Adriana Ferreira (Abstract)

Influence of the conformation method on flash sintering of ZnO ceramics, Ana Storion, Sylma Carvalho Maestrelli, and Julieta Adriana Ferreira (Abstract)

Dc Electric Field Assitd 3ysz Ceramic Superplastic Deformation, Dianguang Liu, Jinling Liu, and Yiguang Wang (Abstract)

Field-induced mass transport phenomena in flash sintered high temperature ceramics explored by in situ SEM and TEM, Jaehun Cho, Haiyan Wang, Jin Li, X.L. Phuah, Han Wang, Suryanarayana Karra, Edwin Garcia, Xinghang Zhang, Amiya Mukherjee, H. Charalambous, and Thomas Tsakalakos (Abstract)

Flash sintering of ceramic films: The influence of surface to volume ratio, Viviana Avila and Rishi Raj (Abstract)

Transition to partial electronic conductivity at the onset of Flash measured by in-situ impedance spectroscopy, Seohyeon Jo and Rishi Raj (Abstract)

In-situ measurements of the elastic modulus of Zirconia polycrystals held in a state of flash induced by an electric field, Rishi Raj and Rushi Kathiria (Abstract)

Current rate flash of carbon fibers, Rishi Raj (Abstract)

Unusual atom displacements in TiO2 during flash sintering, Bola Yoon, Devinder Yadav, Rishi Raj, Sanjit Ghose, Pankaj Sarin, and Daniel Shoemaker (Abstract)

Powders of four elemental oxides transformed and sintered by reactive flash, Viviana Avila and Rishi Raj (Abstract)

Lattice softening, Rishi Raj (Abstract)

A short review of FS mechanisms, Yoed Tsur and Mattan Ze'ev Becker (Abstract)


β-SiAlON-based ceramic composites by combustion synthesis and spark plasma sintering, Evgeny Grigoryev, Vladimir Goltsev, Konstantin Smirnov, Dmitriy Moskovskikh, and Aleksey Sedegov (Abstract and Presentation)

Evidence for microstructure-dependent hysteresis in SCO molecular ceramics prepared by Cool-SPS, Liza El Khoury, Michael Josse, Nathalie Daro, Subhransu Bhoi, and Mathieu Marchivie (Abstract)

W-Cr solid solution: Comparison of alloying in SPS and by ball milling, Monika Vilémová, Josef Šepitka, Jakub Veverka, František Lukáč, Stefan Csaki, and Jiří Matějíček (Abstract)

Flash joining of graphite with polymer derived ceramic interlayer, Mattia Biesuz, Theo Saunder, Mike Reece, and Salvatore Grasso (Abstract)

The effect of high current densities on iron-carbon alloy thin films, Thomas Brede, Reiner Kirchheim, Cynthia A. Volkert, and Christine Borchers (Abstract)

Effect of electric current annealing in phase transition of Mn-Al alloy, Fernando Maccari,; Oskar Till; Iliya Radulov; Oliver Gutfleisch; Konstantin Skokov; and Christian Elsässer (Abstract)

Insights into reactive flash sintering of MgO-Al2O3-(8YSZ) by in-situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction, Bola Yoon, Devinder Yadav, Rishi Raj, and Sanjit Ghose (Abstract)

Flash sintering of zirconia/alumina powders, Rebecca O'Toole, Bola Yoon, Christopher Gump, Rishi Raj, and Alan Weimer (Abstract)

The influence of carbon on the microstructure of sintered alumina, Rachel Marder, Wayne D. Kaplan, and Leon Rudnik (Abstract)

Densification of classic and fragile ferroelectrics by Cool-SPS, Flora Molinari, U-Chan Chung-Seu, Dominique Michau, Michael Josse, and Valentin Mary (Abstract)

Eutectic microstructures by flash sintering, Martha Mecartney (Abstract)