Conference Dates

March 10-15, 2019


Spark-plasma sintering (SPS) of composite ceramics in the β-Si5AlON7– system (SiC, TiN, BN) was studied. An effective mechanism of intensification of sintering processes was revealed due to the introduction of h-BN, having a scaly structure and playing the role of a solid lubricant, which improves the compressibility of the sintered powder mixtures under load. For composites containing 0–30 wt. % h-BN, 0–40 wt.% β-SiC, and 0–40 wt. % TiN, with different character distribution of components by volume (homogeneous, layered and gradient), the optimal parameters of the PCA were established, ensuring the achievement of a high level of relative density (not less than 95%) and functional characteristics.

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