Evidence of localized, incipient melting during field-assisted sintering of oxide dispersion strengthened, nanocrystalline metals

Conference Dates

March 10-15, 2019


Oxide-dispersion-strengthened (ODS) nanostructured FeNiZr alloys were produced via high energy mechanical alloying and subsequently consolidated via the field assisted sintering technique (FAST). Processing parameters of temperature, pressure, and dwell time were altered in an effort to achieve full densification and optimize the mechanical performance. Indications of incipient melting were observed via optical and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) at processing temperatures as low as 700 °C. This temperature is less than half of the homologous temperature of the FeNiZr alloy or any of its constituents. This suggests substantially higher temperatures are achieved locally within the powder compact as a result of Joule heating during consolidation. Additional evaluation with X-ray diffraction was performed to identify the implications of this incipient melting on mechanical properties.

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