Electrochemical, optical and thermal effects during flash sintering of 8YSZ

Conference Dates

March 10-15, 2019


We report on the electrochemical effects occurring during the flash sintering of 8YSZ. In-situ observations for both polycrystalline and single crystal specimens confirm electrochemical blackening/darkening during the incubation period prior to flash sintering (Figure1), even though chromatic alterations are usually visible only after the samples are cooled down in a protective atmosphere rather than in air. The phenomenon is induced by cathodic partial reduction under a DC field. When using a low frequency AC (square 0.1 – 10 Hz) field, the blackening becomes reversible and it follows the imposed polarity switching. Thermal imaging combined with sample color changes (transparent single crystals) and electrical conductivity mapping give a complete picture of the multi-physical phenomena occurring during each stage of the flash sintering event.

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