Conference Dates

March 10-15, 2019


The main features of high-voltage electropulse consolidation (H-VEC) of powder materials and the unique possibilities of the method caused by them are considered. The electro-thermal processes in the H-VEC at the contacts between the powder particles and in the macroscale of the whole consolidated sample are analyzed. The results of calculations of the dynamics of closure (collapse) of interparticle pores in the consolidated material are presented. The experimental results of high voltage consolidation W-based heavy alloys are discussed and a theoretical analysis of the kinetics of compaction of powder materials is made. The results of investigation of the macro- and microstructure of consolidated materials and the stress - strain testing are presented. Compression testing showed that all tested alloys bear compressive stress at room temperature without failure. Figure 1 shows a characteristic diagram of the compressive deformation, which indicates the appearance and development of plastic deformation at the stress above 1250 MPa.

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