Elaboration of complex shapes by spark plasma sintering

Conference Dates

March 10-15, 2019


Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) is an efficient powder consolidation technique that allows the production of fully dense materials with a controlled microstructure. Recently a milestone has been reached by C. Manière et al. [1] on the elaboration of parts with complex shapes using SPS. This method is based on a mobile interface placed between the powder to be sintered and a sacrificial porous material, which defines a pre-form of the part to be obtained. The mobile interface enables an easy separation of the dense part and the sacrificial material after the sintering cycle. In order to industrialize this process a thorough investigation of the sintering mechanisms and the mechanical interactions between the two materials is needed. Numerical simulation is an efficient tool to address these new challenges and allows a better understanding of the process. A fully coupled thermo-electrical and mechanical simulation of the sintering of a complex shape was developed in order to obtain a dense and near-net shape object by SPS. The model was done by finite element analysis in parallel with experimental testing to ensure the validity of the predicted results. Numerical simulation can also be used as a predictive tool in order to anticipate issues like the apparition of hot spots or local concentration of mechanical stress during SPS. [1] : C. Manière et al. / Powder Technology 320 (2017) 340–345

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