November 4-6, 2019
Stevens Institute of Technology
Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

Editors:   Huiming Yin, Columbia University, USA
  Muhammad R. Hajj, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA
  Lei, Zuo, Virginia Tech, USA
  David T. Ma, University of Hawaii, USA



Conference Program, Huiming Yin, Muhammad R. Hajj, Lei Zuo, and David T. Ma (Article)

From Smart City to Smart Facades, Oliver Hans (Abstract)

Solar Window Blinds with Passive Cooling Coating and Smart Controllers, Yanchu Zhang, Qiliang Lin, Arnaud Edmond Van Mieghem, Chenhui Yang, and Huiming Yin (Abstract)

Self-Powered Wireless Sensing for Smart Infrastructure, M. R. Hajj, J. Alrowaijeh, and S. Alnuaimi (Abstract)

Design and demonstration of a thermoelectric-powered wireless sensor platform in window frames for the smart building envelope, Qiliang Lin, (Abstract)

Solar Thermal Systems - Past, Present and Future, Steve Elkin (Abstract)

Fire and Ice: Lessons Learned from Superstorm Sandy, and the California Wild Fires, Michael Brookman (Abstract)

Materials and Designs for Heat Harvesting and Thermal Management of Asphalt Pavements, Xiaokong Yu, Mehdi Zadshir, Huiming Yin, and Jessie Ruixuan Yan (Abstract)

Design of a Geothermal Well Filled with Phase Change Materials for Daily and Seasonal Heat Storage and Supply, Tengxiang Wang and Linfei Zhang (Abstract)

Thornton Tomasetti Climate Mobilization for Facades, Walter Hartnett (Abstract)

Emerging Technologies In Building Energy Efficiency, Mohammad Heidarinejad (Abstract)


Porous radiative cooling paint for building thermal management, Yuan Yang (Abstract and Presentation)

Development of foamed concrete for building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPVT) panels, Zhenhua Wei (Abstract)

Innovative Energy Storage Solutions, Shihab Kuran (Abstract)


Energy Harvesting for Micromobility Systems, Alex Kattamis and Zachary Lochner, (Abstract and Presentation)

Recovery of Energy and Fuels from Waste Materials in a Circular Economy Society, A.C. (Thanos) Bourtsalas (Article)

Kklai·muht CHānj, Tommy Zakrzewski (Abstract)

Engineering Vertical Crystal Arrtays for Efficient Solar Energy Harvesting, Stephanie S. Lee, Kai Zong, Kaustubh Asawa, Chang-Hwan Choi, Nicholas Sparta, and Abigail Circelli (Abstract)


Harvesting energy from low-level vibration using alternate contacts between water drop and two dielectric materials, Jian Yu and David Ma (Abstract and Presentation)

Optical thermal insulation via solar-energy harvesting photothermal nano coatings, Donglu Shi, Yuan Zhao, Jou Lin, and Andrew W. Dunn (Abstract)


The Water Power Technologies Office and Powering the Blue Economy, Bill McShane (Abstract and Presentation)

An Energy Harvesting Underwater Acoustic Transmitter for Aquatic Animals, Z. Daniel Deng (Abstract)

Multi-Fidelity Modeling and Simulation of Wave Energy Converters, A. Ahmed, J. Mi, R. Datla, L. Zuo, and M. R. Hajj (Abstract)

The Global Partnership for Ocean Wave Energy Technology, Charles Nouhan and Michael Raftery (Abstract)

Towards Blue Energy: The Design, Dynamics, and Control of an Innovative Power Take Off for Ocean Wave Energy Harvesting, Lei Zuo (Abstract)

Design and Simulation of a Novel Submerged Pressure Differential Wave Energy Converter for Optimized Energy Harvesting Efficiency and Performance, Junhui Lou and Huiming Yin (Abstract)

Wave-Powered Desalination Systems for Developing Countries and Island Nations. Cabo Verde Case Study, Bill Staby (Abstract)

A push-pull transducer for ocean wave energy harvesting, Ugur Erturun, Adebayo Eisape, and James E West (Abstract)

Performance of a hybrid wave-current energy converter and tank test validation, Raju Datla (Abstract)

Needs and challenges in model testing of wave and tidal energy device, Raju Datla, Michael DeLorme, Muhammad Hajj, Uihoon Chung, and Lei Zuo (Abstract)

From Oil to Ingenuity, digitizing solar-powered mobility, Bill James (Abstract)

Energy Harvesting from Automobiles, Trains, and Roads, Lei Zuo (Abstract)

Development of a New Piezoelectric-Based Energy Harvesting Pavement System, Lukai Guo and Hao Wang (Abstract)

Piezoelectric Nanofibers and Their Applications in Energy Harvesting, Yong Shi (Abstract)

It’s Better When You Help, Thomas P. Oppel (Abstract)

Renewable Energy and its Impact on Food-Energy-Water (FEW) Nexus, Jia Mi (Abstract)

Ambient Energy Harvesting: An Electrostatic Approach Based on Droplet Capacitors, David T. Ma and Jian Yu (Abstract)

Renew Infrastructure by Surface Engineering: Toward Energy Harvesting, Infrastructure Protection, and Smart Systems, Huiming Yin (Abstract)

Energy harvesting, desalination and coastal protection by sscillating surge wave energy converter, Jia Mi, Qiaofeng Li, Xiaofan Li, and Prof.Lei Zuo (Abstract)

Energy harvesting potential from vehicular traffic crossing road humps in the case of Slovenia, Sebastian Toplak and Samo LUBEJ (Abstract)

The utilization and performance of Waste-to-Energy residues in asphalt materials, Yixi Tian and Xiaokong Yu (Abstract)

Solar window blinds with passive cooling coating and smart controllers, Yanchu Zhang, Qiliang Lin, Chenhui Yang, Arnaud Edmond Van Mieghem, and Huiming Yin (Abstract)

Design and development of a hydronic system for temperature regulation and heat harvesting in a building integrated photovoltaic thermal panel, Mehdi Zadshir and Chunlin Wu (Abstract)

Inclusion-based boundary element method for design of building envelopes, Chunlin Wu, Zhenhua Wei, and Huiming Yin (Abstract)

Development of a new piezoelectric-based energy harvesting pavement system, Lukai Guo and Hao Wang (Abstract)

Ocean harvesting buoy using offshore wind turbines, Adam Bennett (Abstract)

Development of sun flower technology with a passive solar tracker, Li-Chen Hsueh (Abstract)

Design of a geothermal well filled with phase change materials for daily and seasonal heat storage and supply, Tengxiang Wang and Linfei Zhang (Abstract)

Thermoelectric-powered wireless sensor platform for smart building envelope system, Qiliang Lin (Abstract)