Conference Dates

April 6-11, 2003


Historically, the academic life in Romania as well as in the other Central and East European countries had strong connections with Western Europe and some connections with the rest of the world. These connections were almost entirely forbidden by the communist soviet type political power imposed to these countries, following the Second World War. The 1989 anticommunist revolution in Central and East Europe opened the way for re-establishing contacts with the western World, offering Romanians and particularly to the students of the "POLITEHNICA" University in Bucharest, opportunities to get International Experience. Due, mainly, to the activity of some promoters, without significant local financial aid, it has been possible to offer 3-12 months stages abroad, to 1% of the students of University "POLITEHNICA" in Bucharest and 2-week stages to other 1%, each year. There are mentioned the barriers to these exchanges, because, mainly, of the heritage of the communist ruling in the country and some practical hints how to improve the providing students with a world perspective. Two Quantum Mechanics models to explain some aspects of the situation are presented in the Annexes.