Directed evolution of a Swiss knife ligninase: The unspecific peroxygenase

Conference Dates

September 24-28, 2017


Among the broad repertory of the ligninolytic enzyme consortium, the unspecific peroxygenase (UPO) is shining as a versatile biocatalyst with potential applications in organic chemistry. UPO is a heme-thiolate peroxidase with mono(per)oxygenase activity for the selective oxyfunctionalization of C-H bonds. Fueled by catalytic concentrations of H2O2, which acts as both oxygen donor and as final electron acceptor, this stable, soluble and extracellular enzyme performs dozens of transformations that are of considerable interest in organic synthesis. In this talk I will describe the main attributes of this versatile enzyme, while reflecting on the directed evolution campaigns recently followed in our laboratory that set out to enhance the functional expression of UPO in yeast and improve the activity, as well as approximating its properties to the required industrial standards.


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