Using the CODEEVOLVER® directed evolution platform to create improved enzymes for molecular diagnostics

Conference Dates

September 24-28, 2017


Using advanced enzyme engineering technology, Codexis has developed practical, green manufacturing processes for a range of pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs, biologic drug discovery and food ingredients. Our enzyme engineering technology has produced a diverse array of enzymes that are operationally equivalent and complementary to the “standard” catalysts in the chemists’ tool box. Parallel optimization of enzyme, enzyme formulation, and chemical process continues to push the catalyst cost contribution lower, expanding the application of custom-made enzymes into larger volume opportunities.

Recently, Codexis announced that it will offer high-performance enzymes for customers using next generation sequencing (NGS) for in vitro molecular diagnostic applications. Historically, NGS workflows relied on modestly engineered enzymes. As NGS is being pushed into new, more demanding applications, such as liquid biopsy and personalized medicine samples, more capable enzymes are required. Example of engineering an enzyme with improved analytical efficiency, processivity and fidelity while also reducing bias in preparation steps for NGS using the CodeEvolver directed evolution platform will be presented

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