Switching the cofactor specificity of an imine reductase

Conference Dates

September 24-28, 2017


Chiral amines have proven to be powerful building blocks for defining new pharmaceutical and agrochemicals due to their high density of structural information. In this light, the reduction of prochiral C=N double bonds is a well-established route in synthetic chemistry due to the easy accessibility of imines from their ketone precursors with the asymmetric addition of hydrogen or a hydride as the key stereo-differentiating step. Recently, we have witnessed remarkable advances in the enzyme-catalyzed asymmetric reduction of imines by NADPH-dependent imine reductases (IREDs).[1,2] Imine reductases were presented that catalyze the asymmetric reduction of various imines and the chemo- and stereoselective reductive amination as a useful method for the preparation of amines derived from aldehydes and ketones.[3,4]

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