Enzymatic esterification of lactones in aqueous buffer

Conference Dates

September 24-28, 2017


Opening lactones with alcohols to yield esters can traditionally be achieved by acid or base catalysis. The produced esters are intermediates for a vast variety of reactions [1] and can also be used for polymerization reactions like for polycaprolactone.

Recently a biocatalytic cascade was reported for the transformation of cyclohexanol to the nylon-6 monomer [2]. A key step was the in-situ capping strategy of the carboxylic functionality by opening ε-caprolactone (1a) with methanol to methyl-6-hydroxyhexanoate (1b) employing a crude preparation of horse liver esterase (HLE). The conversion was performed in aqueous buffer in the presence of 10% v/v methanol.

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