September 15-19, 2019
Whistler Resort
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Editors:   Huimin Zhao, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
  John Wong, Pfizer, USA

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Huimin Zhao and John Wong (Article)

The development of new biocatalytic reactions for organic synthesis, Nicholas Turner (Abstract)

Functional dynamics of proteins on catalysis from combined QM/MM and experimental studies, Jiali Gao (Abstract)

Structural insight into enantioselective inversion of an alcohol dehydrogenase reveals a “Polar Gate” in stereo-recognition of diaryl ketones, Ye Ni (Abstract)

Surpassing thermodynamic, kinetic, and stability barriers to isomerization catalysis for tagatose biosynthesis, Nikhil Nair and Josef R. Bober, (Abstract)

Revisiting alcohol dehydrogenases: Self-sufficient regio- and enantio- selective formation of bi- and tri-cyclic lactones, Mélanie Hal and Erika Tassano (Abstract)

Exploring marine carbohydrates: P450-catalyzed demethylation and identification of a complete "PUL" for polysaccharide degradation, Uwe Bornscheuer (Abstract)

Multi-engineering of Microbial Cytochrome P450 Enzymes, Shengying Li (Abstract)

Dissecting polyunsaturated fatty acid synthases for product profile control, Tohru Dairi, Shohei Hayashi, Yasuharu Satoh, and Yasushi Ogasawara (Abstract)

Promiscuity, serendipity and metabolic innovation, Shelley Copley (Abstract)

Where do we find new enzymes? – Rules and tools, Florian Hollfelder (Abstract)


Strategies and software tools for engineering protein tunnels and dynamical gates, Jiri Damborsky, David Bednar, Sergio Marques, Piia Kokkonen, Gaspar Pinto, Joan Planas Iglesias, Milos Musil, Jiri Hon, Lenka Sumbalova, Ondrej Vavra, Jiri Filipovic, Bara Kozlikova, Martin Marek, Zbynek Prokop, and Jan Stourac (Abstract and Presentation)

Exploring sequence-function space in the Old Yellow Enzyme superfamily, Stefan Lutz, Janine Copp, Samantha Iamurri, Parisa Keshavarz-Joud, Tamra Blue, and David White (Abstract)


Understanding promiscuity in class II pyruvate aldolases, Ulf Hanefeld, Stefan Marsden, and Isabel Bento (Abstract and Presentation)

Thrice upon a time: The repeated emergence of a novel enzymatic function from an evolvable protein scaffold, Janine Copp, Eyal Akiva, Patsy Babbitt, and Nobu Tokuriki (Article)

Reconstruction of ancestral L-amino acid oxidases to broaden substrate selectivity, Shogo Nakano, Masazumi Niwa, Sohei Ito, Yuki Minamino, and Yasuhisa Asano (Abstract)

The coming of age of de novo protein design, David Baker (Abstract)

Mechanism, inhibition and recent evolution of an unusual, promiscuous reductase, Joelle Pelletier (Abstract)

Mass-activated sorting of nanoliter droplets for label free screening of enzyme libraries, Jeff Moore (Abstract)

Computational enzyme design for industrially relevant reactions, Bian Wu (Abstract)

The PEN CSR, using external molecular programs to control directed evolution of enzymes, Adèle Dramé-Maigné, Rocio Espada, Giselle MacCallum, and Yannick Rondelez (Abstract)

IPRO+/-: a computational protein design tool allowing not only for amino acid changes but also insertions and deletions, Ratul Chowdhury, Matthew J Grisewood, Costas D Maranas, and John Brezovec (Article)

7D QSAR based grid maps generated using quantum mechanic probes to identify hotspots and predict activity of mutated enzymes for enzyme engineering, Pravin Kumar; Roopa L, Kcat; and Gladstone Sigamani (Abstract)

New technologies for enzyme engineering: Combining computational predictions and automated experimental feedback, Uwe Jandt, Cornelius Jacobi, Sukanya Sekar, Wael Sabra, An-Ping Zeng, and Sibel Ilhan (Abstract)

In Silico enzyme engineering – The importance of fast and accurate algorithms, Maria F. Lucas and Emanuele Monza (Abstract)

New engineered peptide ligases and substrate phage libraries for understanding cellular proteolysis, James Wells (Abstract)

Reconstruction of the active site of a bacterial phosphotriesterase for the catalytic hydrolysis and detoxification of organophosphate nerve agents, Frank Raushel and Andrew N. Bigley (Abstract)

Validation and stabilization of a prophage lysin of Clostridium perfringens by yeast surface display and co-evolutionary models, Ben Hackel and Seth Ritter (Abstract)

High-level expression, high-throughput screening and direct recovery of nitroreductase enzymes from metagenome libraries, David F. Ackerley (Abstract)

Enzymatic transformation of antibodies to obtain single glycoforms, Michael Butler (Abstract)

New enzymes for cell surface modification: Towards universal blood and improved organ transplants, Stephen Withers, Peter Rahfeld, Lyann Sim, Haisle Moon, and Jayachandran Kizhakkedathu (Abstract)

A facile scheme for biosynthesis of peptides with no length constraints, Zhanglin Lin (Abstract)

Protein and process engineering towards biocatalysts useful in industrial processes, Andreas Bommarius (Abstract)

Enzyme engineering for industrial applications at BASF, Adrienne Davenport (Abstract)

Engineering of industrial biocatalysts, Daniel Dourado, Alexandra Carvalho, Meilan Huang, Derek Quinn, Tom Moody, and Stefan Mix (Abstract)

In Silico engineered SmSDR enzyme for the preparation of enantiopure R- phenylephrine, Sindrila Dutta Banik, Rithvik Vinekar, and Naveen Kulkarni (Abstract)

Addressing the problem of plastic waste: Development of an enzymatic process for PET recycling, Alain Marty, Vincent TOURNIER, Sophie DUQUESNE, and Isabelle ANDRÉ (Abstract)

Engineering enzymes to control the chain-length selectivity of biosynthesized oleochemicals, Brian Pfleger (Abstract)

High-throughput enzyme engineering for commercial-scale production of natural products, Yue Yang, Svetlana Borisova, Will Draper, Wenzong Li, and Victoria Hsiao (Abstract)

Multidimensional engineering of Chymosin for efficient cheese production by machine learning guided directed evolution, Christian Jäckel, Martin Lund, Hans van den Brink, Claes Gustafsson, and Sridhar Govindarajan (Abstract)

Artificial metalloenzymes for in vivo catalysis: Challenges and opportunities, Thomas Ward (Abstract)

Designing artificial metalloenzymes with high activity through engineering secondary coordination sphere interactions, Yi Lu (Abstract)

From natural to artificial metalloproteins – Challenges and opportunities, Johannes Schiffels, Daniel F. Sauer, Jun Okuda, and Ulrich Schwaneberg (Abstract)

Engineered myoglobin catalysts for selective carbene transfer reactions, Rudi Fasan (Abstract)

Artificial (beta / alpha)8 barrel enzymes by in vitro evolution, Burckhard Seelig and Nisha Kanwar (Abstract)

An artificial metalloenzyme for a bimolecular Diels–Alder reaction, Sophie Basler, Sabine Studer, Anna Camus, Yusuke Ota, Takahiro Mori, Gonzalo Jiménez-Osés, Kendall Houk, and Donald Hilvert (Abstract)

Guiding transition-metal catalyst selectivity using proteins, Amanda Jarvis (Abstract)

Construction of novel metabolic pathways with artificial enzymes, Akihiko Kondo, Tomokazu Shirai, Yutaro Mori, Tomohisa Hasunuma, Chrisopher J. Vavricka, and Michihiro Araki (Abstract)

Engineering decarboxylases for consolidated bioprocessing and more, Volker Sieber (Abstract)

Engineered enzymes, pathways, and tools for the biosynthesis of non- natural polyketides and terpenes, Gavin Williams (Abstract)

Nanomachine biocatalysts: Tools for cell-free artificial metabolic networks, Carol Hartley, Philip Robbins, Nigel French, Charlotte Williams, Judith Scoble, Andrea North, Nicholas Turner, and Colin Scott (Abstract)

A data-driven approach for exploiting enzyme promiscuity as a means to predict novel biochemical reactions, Sanjan TP Gupta, Jennifer L. Reed, and Parameswaran Ramanathan (Abstract)

Enzyme Engineering towards a Fully Biocatalytic Manufacturing Route for MK-8591, Hao Yang (Abstract)

Engineering PET-degrading enzymes for biorecycling and bioremediation, En Ze Linda Zhong, Christopher A. Voigt, and Anthony J. Sinskey (Abstract)

Newly discovered enzymes and cascades for the determination of amino acids, Yasuhisa Asano (Abstract)

Protein dynamics at slow timescales in engineered ß-lactamases does not limit evolvability, Lorea Alejaldre; Ferran Sancho,; Claudèle Lemay-St-Denis; Adem H-Parisien; Victor Guallar; and Joelle N. Pelletier (Abstract)

Enzyme evolution in synthetic biology: A key role from proof-of-concept towards precision function, Yan Feng (Abstract)

Enzyme Design by Directed Evolution, Huimin Zhao (Abstract)

Engineering bacterial nitroreductases for anticancer gene therapy and targeted cell ablation, Abigail V. Sharrock, Elsie Williams, Kelsi Hall, Jeff Mumm, and David Ackerley (Abstract)

QM/MM MD studies of polyester synthesis/hydrolysis, Alexandra T. P. Carvalho, Pedro Figueiredo, and Beatriz C. Almeida (Abstract)

Directed evolution of the non-ribosomal peptide synthetase BpsA to enable recognition by the human Sfp-like PPTase, Alistair Sinclair Brown, Jack Sissons, David Ackerley, and Jeremy Owen (Abstract)

Broadening substrate specificity across short-chain dehydrogenase reductases (SDRs), Andreas Bommarius (Abstract)

Enzymatic biotransformation of adipic acid to 6-aminocaproic acid and 1,6- hexamethylenediamine using engineered carboxylic acid reductases and aminotransferases, Anna Khusnutdinova, Tatiana Fedorchuk, Elena Evdokimova, Rosa Di Leo, Peter Stogios, Alexei Savchenko, and Alexander Yakunin (Abstract)

Design and evolution of enzymes with non-canonical catalytic mechanisms, Anthony Green (Abstract)

New pathways for sustainable terpene materials from wood, Arne Stamm, Mattias Tengdelius, Linda Fogelström, Eva Malmström, Per-Olof Syren, and Björn Schmidt (Abstract)

Highly oxygen-stable CO2 reductase-catalyzed bioconversion of carbon dioxide into formate in electrochemical reactor, Byoung Wook Jeon, Yong Hwan Kim, and Eun-Gyu Choi (Abstract)

Cobalamin dependent methylation and demethylation by veratrol O-demethylase, Christopher Grimm, Simona Pompei, Wolfgang Kroutil, and Judith Farnberger (Abstract)

Light-driven kinetic resolution of α-functionalized acids enabled by engineered Fatty Acid Photodecarboxylase, Danyang Li, Xianfu Lin, Qi Wu, and Jian Xu (Abstract)

High-throughput enzyme discovery and engineering for bioprocess optimization, Doug Hattendorf (Abstract)

Engineering PET-degrading enzymes for biorecycling and bioremediation, En Ze Linda Zhong, Christopher A. Voigt, and Anthony J. Sinskey (Abstract)

Genetic biosensor enables in vivo glycosyltransferase screening, Evan K. Chaberski, Michael K. Jensen, and Ditte H. Welner (Abstract)

Cofactor switch: Development of A Nad+-dependent cascade for the production of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA), Fabio Tonin, Linda G. Otten, Isabel W.C.E. Arends, and Ulf Hanefeld (Abstract)

CaverDock: Software tool for fast screening of un/binding of ligands in protein engineering, Gaspar Pinto, Ondrej Vavra, Jiri Filipovic, Sergio Marques, Piia Kokkonen, David Bednar, and Jiri Damborsky (Abstract)

Prenylated Flavin-dependent decarboxylases: Structure-guided engineering and synthetic applicability, Godwin Aleku and David Leys (Abstract)

The role of cavity residue leucine 95 and channel residues glutamine 204, aspartic acid 211, and phenylalanine 269 on toluene o-xylene monooxygenase activity and regiospecificity, Gonul Vardar-Schara, Cansu Kurt, Nurcan Vardar-Yel, K. Cansu Yanık-Yıldırım, and Burcu Sönmez (Abstract)

Rational engineering of a hyperstable glycosyltransferase for blue denim dyeing, Gonzalo Bidart, Leila Lo Leggio, and Ditte Welner (Abstract)

Directed evolution of glycosyltransferase for the artificial biosynthesis of natural product glycosides, Guangyu Yang, Yumeng Tan, Yan Feng, Yu Zhuang, and Stephen G. Withers (Abstract)

Access tunnel engineering to optimize the catalytic cycle of carbohydrate hydrolases with buried active site, Guimin Zhang, Zhenghui Lu, Rui Zhang, Dingkun Ke, and Xinzhi Li (Abstract)


Sustainable biocatalytic synthesis of β-hydroxyl-α-amino acids on an industrial scale, Haibin Chen, Haibin Chen, Yong Koy Bong, Marco Bocola, and Thomas Daußmann (Abstract and Presentation)


Smart engineering of various enzymes for asymmetric synthesis of chiral molecules on industrial scale, Haibin Chen, Marco Bocola, Thomas Daußmann, and Yong Koy Bong (Abstract and Presentation)

Structural synthetic biology strategy for the design of a new metabolic pathway, Hak-Sung Kim, Hanxiao Ying, and Jin-ho Lee (Abstract)

Enzyme Engineering towards a Fully Biocatalytic Manufacturing Route for MK-8591, Hao Yang (Abstract)

Identification of the residues that are responsible for improving the activities of cyanobacterial enzymes for hydrocarbon biosynthesis, Hisashi Kudo, Munehito Arai, and Yuuki Hayashi (Abstract)

A coupled chlorinase-fluorinase system with high efficiency of trans-halogenation and a shared substrate tolerance, Huihua Sun, Huimin Zhao, and Ee Lui Ang (Abstract)

A naked-eye detection of cholesterol using enzyme cascade reactions on chitosan beads, Hyunbeom Lee (Abstract)

Towards the de novo design of metallohydrolases, Indrek Kalvet and David Baker (Abstract)

Therapeutic protein expression platform of microbial system, Jen-Wei Chang, Ming-Hong Cyue, Chih-Hsi Fan, Neng-Hsien Chang, Wei-Kuang Chi, and Wei-Hong Chen (Abstract)

Functional assessment of hydrophilic domains of lea proteins from distant organisms, Jin Wang, Yingying Liu, Zhengfu Zhou, Ming Chen, and Min Lin (Abstract)

In-silico based redesign of CO-dehydrogenase catalyzing the oxidation of toxic waste CO gas for improved O2 resistance and mediator affinity, Jinhee Lee, Ho Won Hwang, Suk Min Kim, Akhtar Junaid, and Yong Hwan Kim (Abstract)

Kinetics of glycosyl hydrolase family 2 beta-glucuronidases, John J. Tomashek, Caleb R. Schlachter, Gary C. Horvath, Nanda G. Karri, and L. Andrew Lee (Abstract)

Variants of glycosyl hydrolase family 2 beta-glucuronidases, Caleb Schlachter, Pongkwan N. Sitasuwan, L. Andrew Lee, Amanda C. McGee, and John J. Tomashek (Abstract)

The growing need to assess the kinetic stability of enzymes, Rowan Lindeque, Mafalda Dias Gomes, and John M Woodley (Abstract)

Molecular dynamics provides insights into an engineered oxidoreductase with altered cofactor specificity, Josef M. y Sperl, Volker Sieber, and Tobias Gmelch (Abstract)

Engineering substrate specificity into a promiscuous ancestral diterpene synthase, Karen Schriever, Natalie M. Hendrikse, Patricia Saénz-Mendez, Antonino Biundo, and Per-Olof Syrén (Abstract)

TreasureDrop – enzyme engineering for applied biocatalysis using microfluidics, Katharina Neufeld, Annette Alcasabas, Paul Zurek, David Woodlock, Ahir Pushpanath, Stephane Emond, Florian Hollfelder, and Miriam Klaus (Abstract)

Active-site structure of D-threonine aldolase from a green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, Katsushi Nishimura (Abstract)

Construction of thermostable enzymes, Kazuhiko Ishikawa (Abstract)

Using E. coli NfsA as a model to improve our understanding of enzyme engineering, Kelsi R. Hall, Katherine Robins, Wayne Patrick, David Ackerley, Abby Sharrock, and Jeff Mumm (Abstract)

In vivo and in vitro FMN prenylation and (de)carboxylase activation under aerobic conditions, Khorcheska Batyrova, Anna Khusnutdinova, Peter Stogios, Tatiana Skarina, Alexei Savchenko, and Alexander Yakunin (Abstract)

Protein dynamics at slow timescales in engineered ß-lactamases does not limit evolvability, Lorea Alejaldre, Ferran Sancho, Claudèle Lemay-St-Denis, Joelle N. Pelletier, Adem H-Parisien, and Victor Guallar (Abstract)