In Silico engineered SmSDR enzyme for the preparation of enantiopure R- phenylephrine

Conference Dates

September 15-19, 2019


It is a well-established fact that in silico enzyme engineering approaches such as molecular modeling, docking, simulation, provide molecular level understanding of the function of biocatalyst and specifically the role of mutational sites. These standalone protocols deliver the understanding of either Michaelis complex formation or the transition state formation or entry/exit path of the substrate. However, an intelligent workflow of these protocols can be applied for not only engineering of enzymes but to design them in silico. Quantumzyme has developed QZyme WorkbenchTM, an integrated workflow using open source computational methods and proprietary scripts for scanning all the events involved in the biocatalytic process. The aim of this workbench is to conduct in silico protein design and is routinely leveraged to engineer enzyme for achieving desirable functions.

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