May 22 – 27, 2022
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, USA

Chairs:   Andy Bommarius, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
  Vesna Mitchell, Codexis, USA
  Doug Fuerst, GSK, USA

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Andy Bommarius, Vesna Mitchell, and Doug Fuerst (Article)

Using machine learning to improve protein function, Andrew Ellington (Abstract)

Enzyme engineering for metabolic engineering, Kristala L.J. Prather (Abstract)

Exploring constraints of sequence space in search of optimal enzymes, Sridhar Govindarajan and Claes Gustafsson (Abstract)

In silico screening of transaminase using semi-empirical QM/MM approach, Marc Hayes, Haibin Chen, Shuai Huang, Junpeng Xu, Marco Bocola, and Xiao-Lei Wang (Abstract)

Engineering enzymes to produce high purity synthetic DNA, Anders Knight, Matt Miller, Jonathan Vroom, Charlene Ching, Rachelle Copeland, Stephanie Forget, Mikayla Krawczyk, Niusha Mahmoodi, Melissa Mayo, James Nguyen, and Amanda Tan (Abstract)

A deep learning tool for protein engineering, Huimin Zhao (Abstract)

Engineering enzymes for green manufacturing of noncanonical amino acids, David Romney (Abstract)

Evaluation of sequence/activity relationships for more than 50 proteins: Implications for natural and directed evolution, protein engineering and machine learning algorithms, David Estell (Abstract)

Advanced database mining integrating sequence and structure bioinformatics with microfluidics challenges enzyme engineering, Zbynek Prokop, Jiri Damborsky, Antonin Kunka, David Kovar, Pavel Vanacek, Michal Vasina, David Bednar, Jiri Hon, Hana Faldynova, Stanislav Mazurenko, Tomas B uryska, Stavros Stavrakis, Andrew deMello, Christoffel P. S. Badenhorst, and Uwe T. Bornscheuer (Abstract)

Helix engineering: Combining the power of 3DM with AI to disrupt protein engineering, Stephan Heijl, Jeanine Boot, Tom van den Bergh, Bas Vroling, Henk-Jan Joosten, and Bastiaan Brier (Abstract)

Engineering a C4 fructose epimerase for production of tagatose, Kyle Roberts, Chris Dunckley, George McArthur, Suzanne Ma, Daniela Grabs, Bryan Julien, Sean Sleight, Becci Danford, Amber Olander, Mark Nance, Indroneil Ghosh, James Leinas, Josh Rhea, Deron Coffie, Michael Cockrem, and Alexandre Zanghellini (Abstract)

Powering computational enzyme design with natural evolutionary information, Wenjun Xie and Arieh Warshel (Abstract)

Engineering proteins with 3D convolutional neural networks, Daniel Diaz (Abstract)

The use of machine learning to navigate the sequence-activity landscape during directed evolution campaigns, Oscar Alvizo (Abstract)

Leveraging microfluidics for linking protein sequence to function in high- throughput, Polly Fordyce (Abstract)

Fast evolution of active and/or enantioselective enzymes with a microfluidic enzyme screening platform, Zhi Li (Abstract)

GENOSCALER™: A Next-Generation high throughput enzyme, pathway, and genome engineering platform, Richard Fox (Abstract)

The impact of bioinformatics on industrial enzyme engineering, Andreas Vogel (Abstract)

High-throughput enzyme engineering for commercial-scale production of natural products, Irina Koryakina, Yue Yang, Svetlana Borisova, William Draper, Wenzong Li, and Victoria Hsiao (Abstract)

A hyperstable glycosyltransferase for blue denim dyeing, Gonzalo Bidart, Natalia Putkaradze, David Teze, Leila Lo Leggio, Sumesh Sukumara, Ólafur Ögmundarson, Anna-Mamusu Sesay, and Ditte Welner (Abstract)

Immobilized enzymes for green pharmaceutical applications, Fred Ghanem (Abstract)

Photoenzymatic Catalysis - Using light to reveal new enzyme functions, Todd Hyster (Abstract)

Design and evolution of enzymes with non-canonical catalytic mechanisms, Anthony Green (Abstract)

Engineering substrates of transglutaminase using the Glutamine-Walk Strategy for specific modification of IgG1 antibodies, Joelle Pelletier, Adem Hadjabdelhafid-Parisien, Lukas Deweid, Arturo Maccaron, Sebastian Bitsch, Kiana Lafontaine, and Harald Kolmar (Abstract)

Boosting squalene-hopene cyclase towards an industrial biocatalyst, Bernhard Hauer and Andreas Schneider (Abstract)

Carboxyesterase-mediated amidation, James Morrison (Abstract)

New techniques for the production of high-performing industrial enzymes, Michael Liszka and Adrienne Davenport (Abstract)

Overcoming challenges in organofluorine biosynthesis by engineered fluorinases, Pravin Kumar, Anuj Shetty, Naveen Banchallihundi Krishna, Jiri Damborsky, Pablo Ivan Nikel, Roopa Lalitha, and Gladstone Sigamani (Abstract)

Modelling biocatalytic processes to accelerate enzyme and process development, John Woodley (Abstract)

Benefits of reaction engineering in biocatalysis, Zvjezdana Findrik Blažević (Abstract)

Towards engineering an efficient and thermostable α-amino ester hydrolase (AEH): Minimizing substrate inhibition and deactivation for continuous production of cephalexin, Colton Lagerman, Martha A. Grover, Ronald W. Rousseau, and Andreas S. Bommarius (Abstract)

Biocatalytic synthesis of nucleoside and nucleotide therapeutics, John McIntosh (Abstract)

Biocatalytic oligonucleotide synthesis technology-BOOST, Jill Caswell (Abstract)

Biocatalytic approaches to therapeutic oligonucleotide manufacture, Sarah Lovelock (Abstract)

Optimizing enzyme production to support commercial mRNA manufacturing, Juozas Siurkus (Abstract)

PET recycling: From enzyme engineering to a first industrial unit, Alain Marty, Vincent Tournier, Nicolas Chabot, Guy Lippens, Isabelle André, and Sophie Duquesne (Abstract)

Engineering enzymes for microbial control: Cell-free methods for enhancing antimicrobial efficacy through directed evolution, Erika Milczek, Will Shindel, Sampada Kalan, Robert DiCosimo, and Kamil Gedeon (Abstract)

Directed evolution of an efficient and thermostable PET depolymerase, Elizabeth Bell (Abstract)

Engineering of a redox neutral enzyme cascade for production of aliphatic diamines, Hannah Valentino and Joshua Michener (Abstract)

Memories of late professor Hideaki Yamada, a giant in enzyme engineering, and successive activities stemmed from his philosophy, Jun Ogawa and Sakayu Shimizu (Abstract)

Continuity and change in screening for industrial enzymes and protein engineering- A tribute to the late Professor Hideaki Yamada, Yasuhisa Asano (Abstract)

Basics and applications of gut bacterial lipid-metabolizing enzymes- A tribute to the late Professor Hideaki Yamada, Shigenobu Kishino, Sakayu Shimizu, and Jun Ogawa (Abstract)

Development of P450-BM3 using molecular dynamics simulations- A tribute to the late Professor Hideaki Yamada, Satoru Ishihara, Satoshi Koikeda, Jinzen Ikebe, Tomoshi Kameda, Si-Bum Park, Jun Ogawa, Shigenobu Kishino, and Ryotaro Hara (Abstract)

Protein design using deep learning, David Baker (Abstract)

Making better proteins: Learning from the best, Olga Khersonsky (Abstract)

Adventures on the routes of enzyme evolution – In memoriam Dan Tawfik, Nobu Tokuriki (Abstract)

Evolutionary-guided cofactor engineering, Paola Laurino (Abstract)

Biocatalysis and enzyme engineering – a personal view on the last three decades, Uwe Bornscheuer (Abstract)

Design and evolution of enzymes for the Morita-Baylis-Hillman reaction, Amy Crossley, Rebecca Crawshaw, Colin Levy, Sarah Lovelock, Anthony Green, and Linus Johannissen (Abstract)

An engineered cytidine deaminase for biocatalytic production of a key intermediate of the COVID-19 antiviral Molnupiravir, Ashleigh Burke, William R. Birmingha, Ying Zhuo, Thomas W. Thorpe, Bruna Zucoloto da Costa, Rebecca Crawshaw, Ian Rowles, James D. Finnigan, Carl Young, Gregory M. Holgate, Mark P. Muldowney, Simon J. Charnock, Sarah L. Lovelock*, Anthony P. Green, and Nicholas J. Turner (Abstract)

Galectin-Anchored indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase tissue-targeted therapeutic enzyme suppresses local inflammation in multiple animal models, Benjamin Keselowsky, Gregory Hudalla, Shannon Wallet, Craig Duvall, Kyle Allen, Ali Zarrinpar, and Dorina Avram (Abstract)

Biocatalytical access to amides, Erna Zukic, Christian Willrodt, Klaus Ditrich, and Wolfgang Kroutil (Abstract)

Engineering of styrene oxide isomerase for enhanced production of (S)-2- arylpropionaldehydes, Joel Choo Ping Syong (Abstract)

Assessment of C-type halohydrin dehalogenase stability, Nevena Milčić, Petra Švaco, Martina Sudar, Maja Majerić Elenkov, and Zvjezdana Findrik Blažević (Abstract)

Screening millions of droplet-compartmentalized single cells with Xdrop®, Peter Mouritzen, Rikke Stick Højmark, and Marie Just Mikkelsen (Abstract)

Determination of the rate limiting step during zearalenone hydrolysis by ZenA, Sebastian Fruhauf, Andreas Hoebartner-Gussl, Jiri Damborsky, Wulf-Dieter Moll, and Zbynek Prokop (Abstract)

Efficient enzyme discovery from complex environmental microbiota using microbial single-cell sequencing, Soichiro Tsuda, Takuya Yoda, Keigo Ide, and Masahito Hosokawa (Abstract)

A cell-free platform for the directed evolution of toxic enzymes and proteins, Will Shindel, Erika Milczek, and Robert DiCosimo (Abstract)

FireProt ASR: Automated design of ancestral proteins, Zbynek Prokop, Milos Musil, Rayyan Tariq Khan, Andy Beier, Jan Stourac, Jiri Damborsky, and David Bednar (Abstract)

EnzymeMiner: Exploration of sequence space of enzymes, Zbynek Prokop, Jiri Hon J, Simeon Borko, Jan Stourac, Jaroslav Zendulka, Tomas Martinek, Jiri Damborsky, and David Bednar (Abstract)

Unlocking the key to successful commercialization by coupling the power of biocatalysis, strain engineering, and application studies, Khin Oo; Tatsuya Fukushima; Wenhua Lu,; Shirley (Xiyun) Zhang; Goutami Banerjee; and Janet (Jie) Yang (Abstract)

Ketoreductase immobilization for batch and flow processes, Fred Ghanem (Abstract)

In silico screening of transaminase using semi-empirical QM/MM approach, Marc Hayes; Shuai Huang; Junpeng Xu,; Marco Bocola; and Xiao-Lei Wang (Abstract)

Toward engineering an efficient and thermostable α-Amino Ester Hydrolase (AEH): Minimizing substrate inhibition and deactivation for continuous production of cephalexin, Colton Lagerman (Abstract)

Engineering of a redox neutral enzyme cascade for production of aliphatic diamines, Hannah Valentino and Joshua Michener (Abstract)

Overcoming challenges in organofluorine biosynthesis by engineered fluorinases, Pravin Kumar, Anuj Shetty, Naveen Banchallihundi Krishna, Jiri Damborsky, Pablo Ivan Nikel, Roopa Lalitha, and Gladstone Sigamani (Abstract)

7D-Grid-AI-Technology: A technology that translates enzymes from a computer to business with limited lab experiments, Pravin Kumar, Gladstone Sigamani, and Roopa L (Abstract)

Insilico guided CRISPR-Cas driven enzyme engineering framework: An automated and efficient enzyme engineering method, Anuj Shetty, Pravin Kumar, Khantika Patel, Roopa L, Gladstone Sigamani, and Dipa Natarajan (Abstract)

QM/MM Studies of The phenylalanine ammonia-lyase variants helped to understand the mechanistic role of the mutations, Naveen Banchallihundi Krishna, Pravin Kumar, Anuj Shetty, Gladstone G. Sigamani, Vikas D. Trivedi, Karishma Mohan, Athreya Ramesh, Nikhil U. Nair, and Todd C. Chappell (Abstract)

discovery of CDX-6512, a gastrointestinal-stable methionine-gamma-lyase as a potential orally-administered enzyme therapy for homocystinuria, Leann Teadt (Abstract)