Conference Dates

May 16-21, 2010


The non-premixed combustion of C1 to C4 n-alkanes was investigated inside a bubbling fluidized bed of inert sand particles at intermediate temperatures: 923 K (650oC) ≤ TB ≤ 1123 K (850oC). Lower (T1) and upper (T2) critical transition bed temperatures were measured for ethane, propane and n-butane as 923 K (650oC) and 1073 K (800oC), respectively. The values for methane were significantly higher with T1 = 1023 K (750oC) and T2 > 1123 K (850oC). Alkane conversion was accurately modeled with first-order kinetics and C2 to C4 n-alkanes combustion rates were characterized by a uniform Arrhenius expression: (. The reaction rate of methane was significantly slower with : (.