Conference Dates

May 16-21, 2010


A novel infrared fibre-optic probe was developed to measure quantitatively and simultaneously solids volume fraction (1-E) and gaseous species composition (Yi) in a gas/solid fluidized bed. The fibre-optic probe was used with a FT-IR spectrometer to perform real-time and in-situ measurements of absorbance in the fluidized bed. The effect of (1-E) and Yi on the absorbance spectra were additive and could be independently calibrated. To calibrate the probe, fuel mole fractions and (1-E) were varied between 1.8 - 10.1 mol% and 0 - 0.45, respectively. A proof of concept for a novel application in fluidized beds was completed: the fibre-optic probe was used to measure the molar fraction of a tracer gas inside the emulsion and bubble phases during gas tracer experiments.