Conference Dates

May 16-21, 2010


The hot gas desulfurization (HGD) technique is one of the elemental technologies of syngas purification having both thermal efficiency and very low emissions. The HGD is a novel method to efficiently remove H2S and COS in the syngas with regenerable sorbents at high temperature and high pressure condition. We propose a compact hot gas desulfurization system by which its operability is improved in stabilizing pressure balances among units. The proposed compact two beds system has two bubbling beds, solid injection nozzle, solid conveying line, and riser. The compact desulfurization system was located between coal gasifier and Fisher-Tropsch (F-T) reactor to desulfurize syngas in order not to deactivate F-T catalyst. To check feasibility of the compact desulfurization system at high pressure condition, both cold mode and hot mode tests have been performed. In the integrated system, the compact desulfurization system has removed H2S and COS in the syngas and supplied the cleaned syngas to the F-T reactor during the continuous operation at high pressure condition.