Conference Dates

May 16-21, 2010


A pilot plant provided with a conical spouted bed reactor has been used for the valorisation of waste tires by thermal pyrolysis in continuous mode. The effect of pyrolysis temperature on product distribution and properties has been studied in the temperature range from 425 to 600 ºC. This variable has proven to have an important effect on product distribution. Thus, pyrolysis oil yield was reduced from 64.3 wt% at 425 ºC to 55.9 wt% at 600 ºC. However, the quality of carbon black was improved operating at high temperatures (increasing BET surface area values). High yields of certain interesting chemicals have been obtained in the liquid fraction, such as limonene (19.3 wt%), isoprene (5.7 wt%) and styrene (6.1 wt%).