May 22-27, 2016 - Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello Quebec, Canada

Editors:   Jamal Chaouki, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada
  Franco Berruti, Wewstern University, Canada
  Xiaotao Bi, UBC, Canada
  Ray Cocco, PSRI Inc. USA

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed

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Conference Program (GPE 2016), Jamal Chaouki, Franco Berruti, Xiaotao (Tony) Bi, and Ray Cocco (Article)

A few recent developments in fluidized bed technology applications for fuel conversion, Guangwen Xu, Xi Zeng, Jurong Yue, Jian Yu, Zhennan Han, Zhaohui Chen, Changbin Yao, Meiqing Yao, Yin Wang, and Shiqiu Gao (Abstract)


Attrition rate of iron ore in the gas-solid fluidized beds with the wide size distribution, Dong-Hyun Kang, Chang Kuk Ko, and Dong Hyun Lee (Abstract and Presentation)


Spouting behavior of binary mixtures of spherical and cylindrical particles, Douglas W. Marshall, Nicholas W. Eimers, Nathan A. Yergenson, and David C. Drown (Abstract and Presentation)

Analyzing the fluidization of a mixture of gas-sand-biomass using cfd techniques, Mikele C. S. Sant’Anna, Wenna R. Cruz, Gabriel F. Silva, Ricardo A. Medronho, and Sergio Lucena (Abstract)


Novel method to meassure fine particle circulation rates in draft tube conical spouted beds, Idoia Estiati, Haritz Altzibar, Mikel Tellabide, and Martin Olazar (Abstract and Presentation)

Flow regime identification in fluidized beds by analysing pressure fluctuations signal based on kolomogrov entropy approch, Muthanna Al-Dahhan and Haidar Taofeeq (Abstract)

Identification of discharge regimes of cyclone dipleg-trickle valve system based on pressure fluctuation profiles, Yaodong WEI, mengda JIA, Zhigang WEI, Renfeng Liu, and Chaoyu YAN (Abstract)

Numerical and experimental study of particle deposition in a tangential inlet cyclone separator, Yaodong Wei, Jianfei Song, and Ti Yue (Abstract)

Jiggle bed reactor for testing catalytic activity of olivine in bio-oil gasification, Mohammad Latifil, Cedric Briens, and Franco Berruti (Abstract)

Characteristics of gas back-mixing in micro fluidized bed, Jian Yu, Guangwen Xu, Sulong Geng, Dengguo Lai, and Junrong Yue (Abstract)

Computational fluid dynamics study of crec riser simulator: mixing patterns, Hugo de Lasa, I. Ahmed, S. Rostom, and A. Lanza (Abstract)


Effect of bed particle size on heat transfer between fluidized bed of group b particles and vertical rifled tubes, Artur Blaszczuk, Wojciech Nowak, and Jaroslaw Krzywanski (Abstract and Presentation)


Analysis of fluctuations in velocities, voidage and gas concentration in cfb conditions, Timo Niemi, Sirpa Kallio, and Juho Peltola (Abstract and Presentation)


Validation of the oxygen buffering ability of bed materials used for ocac in a large scale cfb boiler, Angelica Corcoran, Fredrik Lind, and Henrik Thunman (Abstract and Presentation)


Predicting gas-flow distribution in pilot-scale fluidized beds using cfd simulations, Akhilesh Bakshi, C. Altantzis, A. F. Ghoniem, and L. R. Glicksman (Abstract and Presentation)

Experimental investigation with digital particle image velocimetry for turbulent flow of slender particles in a stirred tank, Long Fan and Nong Xu (Abstract)

Hydrodynamics and heat transfer of suspended surface in a supercritical cfb furnace, Leming Cheng, Linjie Xu, Qinhui Wang, Mengxiang Fang, Zhongyang Luo, Mingjiang Ni, and Kefa Cen (Abstract)


The relationship between fluidized bed electrostatics and entrainment, John R. Grace, Turki Alsmari, Xiaotao Bi, and Farzam Fotovat (Abstract and Presentation)


Solid flux in travelling fluidized bed operating in square-nosed slugging regime, Sina Tebianian, Kristian Dubrawski, Naoko Ellisa, John R. Grace, Thomas W. Leadbeater, David J. Parker, Rouzbeh Jafari, Jamal Chaouki, Pablo Garcia-Trinanes, and Jonathan P. K. Seville (Abstract and Presentation)

Pattern formation in fluidized and vibrated beds: experimental and computational insights, Lilian de Martín, Marc-Olivier Coppens, Kaiqiao Wu, and Daniel Lepek (Abstract)


Three-dimensional cfd simulation of the regeneration of mgo-based sorbent in a carbon capture process, Hamid Arastoopour (Abstract and Presentation)


Pickup velocity of nanoparticles, Jia Wei Chew, J. Ruud van Ommen, and Aditya Anantharaman (Abstract and Presentation)

Size distribution prediction of nanoparticle agglomerates in a fluidized bed, Andrea Fabre, Samir Salameh, Michiel T. Kreutzer, and J. Ruud van Ommen (Abstract)

Effect of design and operating variables on spout diameter in spouted beds using factorial design of experiments approach with the aid of new optical fiber probe, Muthanna Al-Dahhan, Shreekanta Aradhya, and Haidar Taofeeq (Abstract)

Fluidization of cohesive nanoparticles with a new pulsation technique, Jamal Chaouki and Samira Aghaee Sarbarze (Abstract)

Treatment of polymer powders by combining an atmospheric plasma jet and a fluidized bed reactor, Karl-Ernst Wirth, Marius Sachs, and Jochen Schmidt (Abstract)


Carbon dioxide recovery by means of tsa in a sound assisted fluidized bed of fine activated carbon, Raganati Federica and Ammendola P (Abstract and Presentation)


First experience in operation of cold model of fb-clc-sf (fluidized-bed chemical-looping-combustion solid-fuels) facility, Tomasz Czakiert, Krzysztof Kulicki, Jaroslaw Krzywanski, Anna Zylka, Sylwia Jankowska, and Wojciech Nowak (Abstract and Presentation)


A 1.5D model of a complex geometry laboratory scale fuidized bed clc equipment, Jaroslaw Krzywanski, A. Żylka, T. Czakiert, K. Kulicki, S. Jankowska, and W. Nowak (Abstract and Presentation)

Reaction characteristics of waste coffee grounds chemical-looping gasification, Qingjie Guo, Yunpeng Zhang, Qinqin Yang, and Yongzhuo Liu (Abstract)


Effect of steam on the performance of Ca-based sorbents in calcium looping processes, Fabio Montagnaro, Eduardo Gais, Antonio Coppola, Piero Salatino, and Fabrizio Scala (Abstract and Presentation)


Modelling study of two chemical looping reforming reactor configurations: Looping vs. switching, Joana F. Morgado, Schalk Cloete, John Morud, Thomas Gurker, and Shahriar Amini (Abstract and Presentation)

Horizontal secondary gas injection in fluidized beds: Solids concentration and velocity in multiphase jets, Karl-Ernst Wirth and Benedikt Köninger (Abstract)

Prediction of the radial solids concentration distribution in circulating fluidized bed risers, Karl-Ernst Wirth and Timo Hensler (Abstract)

Sub-grid drag model for immersed vertical cylinders in fluidized beds, Vikrant Verma, Tingwen Li, Jean-François Dietiker, and William A. Rogers (Abstract)

Force on a single slat during the start-up process of a fluidized bed, Yongmin Zhang, Duiping Liu, Qiao Ke, and Runrun Lu (Abstract)


The effect of riser end geometry on gas-solid hydrodynamics in a CFB riser operating above fast fluidization regimes, Larry Shadle (Abstract and Presentation)

Multiscale modeling of pattern formation in pulsed fluidized beds: Continuum and discrete approaches, Marc-Olivier Coppens, Kaiqiao Wu, Lilian de Martín, Annelien Schijve, Lijing Mu, Niels G. Deen, and J.A.M. Kuipers (Abstract)

Measurement of dynamic forces in fluidized bed systems, Shyam Sundaram, Allan Issangya, S.B.Reddy Karri, Ray Cocco, and Ted Knowlton (Abstract)

Study on single and multi-phase laminar flow containing spherical or slender particles in a stirred tank using DPIV, Nong Xu and Long Fan (Abstract)


Heat transfer challenge and design evaluation for a multi-stage temperature swing adsorption (TSA) process, Gerhard Hofer, Tobias Pröll, Johannes Fuchs, and Gerhard Schöny (Abstract and Presentation)


Hydrodynamics of compartmented fluidized beds for concentrated solar power applications, Roberto Solimene, Riccardo Chirone, Andrea Paulillo, and Piero Salatino (Abstract and Presentation)

Mass transfer in fluidized bed reactors using a novel non-invasive, whole field and high temporal resolution infra-red technique, Martin van Sint Annaland, Jose A. Medrano, Niek C.A. de Nooijer, Francesca Boccia, and Fausto Gallucci (Abstract)

Investigating the performance of different fluidized bed membrane reactor geometries, Ivo Roghair and Ramon Voncken (Abstract)


Characterization of fuel segregation in a fluidized bed by magnetic particle tracking, David Pallarès, Anna Köhler, Alexander Rasch, and Filip Johnsson (Abstract and Presentation)


Experimental characterization of operational regimes in low aspect-ratio CFB risers, Tove Karlsson, Xuemin Liu, Filip Johnsson, and David Pallarès (Abstract and Presentation)


Effect of interactions between spray jets on liquid distribution in a fluidized bed, Helal Elkolaly, Cedric Briens, and Franco Berruti (Abstract and Presentation)


Impact of local fluidized bed hydrodynamics on interactions between particles and gas-liquid sprays, Maryam Mohagheghi, Franco Berruti, and Cedric Briens (Abstract and Presentation)

CFD simulation of hydrodynamic characteristics in a modified internally circulating fluidized bed mixer, Mengxi Liu, Wei Wang, Zhenliang Meng, and Chunxi Lu (Abstract)

Hydrodynamics of high velocity circulating fluidized bed risers, Allan S. Issangya, Ray Cocco, Ted Knowlton, and S. B. Reddy Karri (Abstract)

Analysis of particle trajectories in a quick-contact cyclone reactor using discrete phase model (DPM), Zhenbo Wang and Liyun Zhu (Abstract)

Pyrolysis characteristics of fat from Nannochloropsis sp. and its effect on pyrolysis of all components, Qingjie Guo, Kai Wang, Anhong Tian, and Xiuli Zhang (Abstract)


Influence of catalyst conditioning on products in a continuously operated FCC pilot plant, Matthias Swoboda, Josef Fimberger, and Alexander Reichhold (Abstract and Presentation)


Mixing and segregation in fluidized bed thermochemical conversion of biomass, Piero Salatino (Abstract and Presentation)

Pulsation-assisted fluidized bed for the fluidization of high moisture and irregular particles and its application for brown coal fluidization, Yuping Liu and Hiroaki Ohara (Abstract)

The effects of virtual mass force and particle aspect ratio on orientation of slender particles in a stirred tank, Nong Xu and Long Fan (Abstract)

Heat transfer study in corrugated wall bubbling fluidized bed reactor: Experiments and CFD simulations, Alam Nawaz Khan Wardag and Faical Larachi (Abstract)

DEM simulation of wood pellets dynamics in a mechanically fluidized reactor, Maksym Dosta, Steffen Klöver, Cedric Briens, Valentina Lago, Franco Berruti, and Stefan Heinrich (Abstract)


Fundamentals of rotating fluidized beds and application to particle separation, Justin M. Weber, Richard C. Stehle, Ronald W. Breault, and Larry Shadle (Abstract and Presentation)

Flow regime map of a liquid-solid micro-circulating fluidized bed, Vladimir Zivkovic, Orlando L. do Nascimento, and David A. Reay (Abstract)


Catalytic ash free coal gasification in a fluidized bed thermogravimetric analyzer, Said Samih and Jamal Chaouki (Abstract and Presentation)

Partial slip boundary conditions for collisional granular flows at flat frictional walls, Lei Yang, J.T. Padding, and J.A.M. Kuipers (Abstract)

The influence of particle surface friction on the behavior of gas-fluidized beds: Development of a two fluid model, Lei Yang, J.T. Padding, and .A.M. Kuipers (Abstract)

Application of multiphase flow CFD in the gas phase polymerization process, Mayank Kashyap (Abstract)


CFD-DEM modeling of fluidized beds with heat production: Influence of the particle size distribution and heat source, Zizi Li, Martin van Sint Annaland, Niels G. Deen, and J.A.M. Kuipers (Abstract and Presentation)

Reactive hybrid Eulerian/Lagrangian Two Fluid Model (TFM) simulation of industrial scale olefin polymerization fluidized bed reactors, Simon Schneiderbauer, Stefan Pirker, Pablo Aguayo, Alberto Martínez Joaristi, and Vasileios Touloupidis (Abstract)

Dynamic behavior of fluidized bed reactors for gas phase LLDPE polymerization, Mpho Setlhaku, Peter Bronsaer, and James Parker (Abstract)

Modeling the gas-solid flow in diameter-changing fluidized beds, Xinhua Liu, Wei Ge, and Meng Zhao (Abstract)


Experimental and simulation study on heat transfer in fluidized beds with heat production: An integrated DIA/PIV/IR technique and CFD-DEM, Zizi Li, Tom C.E. Janssen, Martin van Sint Annaland, J.A.M. Kuipers, and Niels G. Deen (Abstract and Presentation)

Performance evaluation of different approaches for early detection of defluidization, Jaber Shabanian, Pierre Sauriol, Navid Mostoufi, and Jamal Chaouki (Abstract)

Characterization of wake properties in freely bubbling fluidized beds using Particle Image Velocimetry, Martin van Sint Annaland, Jose A. Medrano, Mustafa Tasdemir, and Fausto Gallucci (Abstract)


Collision dynamics of colliding wet solids: Rebound and rotation analysis, Britta Crügera, Stefan Heinrich, Yali Tang, Jochem Scholte, Niels G. Deen, and J.A.M. Kuipers (Abstract and Presentation)

Discrete element method simulations of Geldart Group a particles in a micro fluidized, Tingwen Li, Vikrant Verma, Jean-François Dietikera, William Rogers, Swapna Rabha, Balaji Gopalan, Greggory Breaulta, Jonathan Tuckera, and Rupen Pandaya (Abstract)

Multi-scale simulation of gas solid fluidization based on EMMS- DPM, Wei Ge and Liqiang Lu (Abstract)

Thermal cracking of canola oil in a continuously operating pilot plant, Josef Fimberger, Matthias Swoboda, and Alexander Reichhold (Abstract)


Measurement of penetration and cycle time of jets from an industrial fluid coking spray nozzle, Francisco Sanchez Careaga, Cedric Briens, and Franco Berruti (Abstract and Presentation)


Development and study of measurement methods for bogging in a fluidized bed, Majid Hamidi, Franco Berruti, and Cedric Briens (Abstract and Presentation)

Coproduction of liquids and syngas via residue oil cracking-coke gasification (RCCG) process, Yuming Zhang, Xiaochen Zhang, and Shiqiu Gao (Abstract)

Modeling FCC spent catalyst regeneration with computational fluid dynamics, Raj Singh and Eusebius Gbordzoe (Abstract)

Riser hydrodynamics and cluster characterization by Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) and Digital Image Analysis (DIA) coupling, Alvaro Carlos Varas, E.A.J.F. Peters, N.G. Deen, and J.A.M. Kuipers (Abstract)


A multi-stage fluidized bed system for Continuous CO2 capture by means of temperature swing adsorption – First results from bench scale experiments, Schöny G, Florian Dietrich, Fuchs. J, Hofbauer. H, and Pröll. T (Abstract and Presentation)

Modeling of ash deposition on the wall of a high temperature thermal reformer, Jean-Michel Lavoie and Tommaso Melchiori (Abstract)

An experimental study on heat transfer in liquid-solid packed fluidization, Debapriya Mandal (Abstract)

Research and simulation of fast, strong exothermic reaction in gas-solid fluidized bed about temperature distribution and hot spot problem, Fei Wei, Zhao Jia, and Chenxi Zhan (Abstract)


Dense gas-particle suspension upward flow used as heat transfer fluid in solar receiver: PEPT experiments and 3D numerical simulations, Renaud Ansart, Pablo Garcia-Triñanes, Benjamin Boissière, Hadrien Benoit, Jonathan Seville, and Olivier Simonin (Abstract and Presentation)


Influence of bubble bursting on heat transfer phenomena in directly irradiated fluidized beds, Roberto Solimene, Claudio Tregamb, Piero Salatino, Riccardo Chirone, and Fabio Montagnaro (Abstract and Presentation)


Monitoring of the hydrodynamic instabilities in conical spouted beds by recurrence plot analysis of pressure fluctuations and acoustic emission signals, Rahmat Sotudeh-Gharebagh, Chiya Savari, Navid Mostoufi, Reza Zarghami, Gorkem Kulah, and Murat Koksal (Abstract and Presentation)

Fluidized bed chemical reactors – Old and new applications, Leslaw Mleczko (Abstract)


Fluid-dynamic study on a multi-stage fluidized bed column for continuous CO2 capture via temperature swing adsorption, Schöny. G, Zehetner. E, Fuchs. J, Hofbauer. H, and Pröll. T (Abstract and Presentation)

Direct numerical simulations of collision dynamics of wet particles, Niels G. Deen, Yali Tang, Jochem Scholte, J.A.M. (Hans) Kuipers, Sergiy Antonyuk, Stefan Heinrich, and Britta Crüger (Abstract)

Characterization of loop seal in a complex circulating fluidized bed system, Dawei Wang and Liang-Shih Fan (Abstract)

CFD simulation of the influence of suspension section on the hydrodynamics of CFB riser, Wei Wang, Nan Zhang, Jinghai Li, and Cenfan Liu (Abstract)


New hybrid CPU-GPU solver for CFD-DEM simulation of fluidized bed, Reza Zarghami, N. Mostoufi, and H. R. Norouzi (Abstract and Presentation)


Dynamic flowsheet simulation of gas and solids flows in a system of coupled fluidized bed reactors for chemical looping combustion, Johannes Haus, Ernst-Ulrich Hartge, Stefan Heinrich, and Joachim Werther (Abstract and Presentation)


Numerical simulation of hydrogen production by chemical looping reforming in a dual interconnected fluidized bed reactor, Piero Bareschino, Roberto Solimene, Giuseppe Diglio, Erasmo Mancusi, Francesco Pepe, and Piero Salatino (Abstract and Presentation)

Measurement of solids circulation rates with optical techniques in circulating beds and comparison to pressure drop methods, Martin van Sint Annaland, Jose A. Medrano, Maria Nordio, and Fausto Gallucci (Abstract)


A twin-bed test reactor for characterization of calcium looping sorbents, Antonio Coppola, Fabrizio Scala, Piero Salatino, and Liberato Gargiulo (Abstract and Presentation)

Feasibility of fluidized bed reactor systems for pressurized chemical looping combustion of natural gas, Florian Zerobin, Stefan Penthor, Otmar Bertsch, and Tobias Pröll (Abstract)

Hydrodynamics of chemical looping combustion systems: Effects of reactor design parameters, Dawei Wang and Liang-Shih Fan (Abstract)