Conference Dates

May 22-27, 2016


Chemical-Looping Combustion (CLC) is an oxy-combustion CO2 capture technique. CLC involves metal oxides to split the combustion in oxidation and reduction cycles. A wide variety of reactors, single as well as interconnected, have been tested for CLC. These reactor configurations have some operational and process difficulties associated with them. A single Recirculating Fluidized Beds (RCFB) reactor configuration is proposed here for CLC with a feeling that it can overcome some of these problems. RCFB is a spouted fluidized bed with a central riser tube and the outer tube is known as downcomer. A cold model of RCFB reactor was operated in such a manner that the central riser tube was acting like air reactor and the downcomer was acting like a fuel reactor. There was a fast fluidization regime in the riser and the downcomer of the RCFB was in the slugging bed regime. Atmospheric air was used to fluidize the bed material in the reactor. The bed material was Indian standard sand. The usability of the RCFB reactor was tested for CLC by studying the parameters like bed voidage, pressure drop, solid circulation rate and suspension density in the riser and downcomer. Diameter of the jet tube, height of the spacer section and bed inventory were the variables during the experiments.