Stability analysis of gas solids separation in scaling-up fluidized bed reactors

Conference Dates

May 22-27, 2016


In large industrial fluidized bed reactors with high gas solids flow rates, small cyclones working in parallel are often preferred to achieve higher efficiency in the case of uniform distribution of gas-solid two-phase flow across each inlet. However, there is mounting evidence1-5 that gas-solid suspensions pass through identical paths in parallel can be significantly non-uniform, resulting in a dramatically drop in overall efficiency. In this study we used the direct Liapunov method by considering the interaction between gas and solids to detect the instability of uniformity. Owing to the special symmetry in this system, the criterion can be simplified into identifying the concavity (concave or convex) of pressure drop across a single cyclone with respect to operational parameter CT. Then, based on the stability analysis of uniformity, a novel design principle is provided to prevent non-uniform distribution at high dust loading. The effect of geometrical factor, i.e. dimensionless vortex finder diameter dr, on the stability of uniformity has been further investigated. The phase diagram of stability is calculated to give a clue of designing robust parallel cyclones system.

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