Flow regime identification in fluidized beds by analysing pressure fluctuations signal based on kolomogrov entropy approch

Conference Dates

May 22-27, 2016


The investigation of flow regime in gas-solid fluidized bed reactors is very important for their design and scale-up as well as effective operation. In addition, the degrees of mixing, mass and heat transfer in these reactors depending strongly on the common flow regime. In the present work, pressure transducer technique has been used to generate pressure fluctuations signal in gas-solid fluidized bed of 13.97 cm ID. Different static bed heights, different particles size and particles density of both Geldart A and B as well as a range of superficial gas velocity (15-100) cm/s have been used to study the flow regime identification. The Kolmogorov entropy (KE) approach analysis has been applied to pressure fluctuations signal recorded in fluidized bed. The (KE) is considered as a universal tool for the accurate identification of the boundaries of the main hydrodynamic regimes in multiphase reactors. It has been shown that this approach leads to successful identification of the main flow regimes in fluidized bed reactors with different operating conditions.


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