Identification of discharge regimes of cyclone dipleg-trickle valve system based on pressure fluctuation profiles

Conference Dates

May 22-27, 2016


An experiment was conducted on the Φ150mm×5000mmcyclone dipleg-trickle valve setup, which was focused on analyzing the discharge characteristics of trickle valve of cyclone dipleg by means of the dynamic pressure measurement. The effects of two operating parameters, negative pressure drop (0~11kPa) and solids flux rate (0~50 kg/m2.s), on the discharge patterns were investigated. The experimental results show that there are two kinds of discharge patterns in the trickle valve. One is continuous trickling discharge at low negative pressure drop and high solids flux rate, which is characterized by valve plate opening continuously, and the measured pressure with high frequency and low amplitude. The other is intermittent periodic dumping discharge at high negative pressure drop and low solids flux rate, which has the properties of valve plate opening interval, and the measured pressure with low frequency and high amplitude. The two discharge patterns could transform each other as varying the negative pressure drop or solids flux rate. The discharge regime map was proposed based on the experimental data, which is related to the negative.

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