Conference Dates

May 22-27, 2016


A novel flowsheet simulation environment is applied to the Chemical Looping Combustion of solid fuels in order to capture dynamic behavior of fluid dynamics inside the system. The process itself is carried out in the majority of cases in a pair of strongly coupled fluidized bed reactors. The plant operated at the TUHH, which is simulated there, comprises a circulating fluidized bed air reactor and a two-stage bubbling bed fuel reactor demonstrated in the Figure.

The modelled riser of the circulating fluidized bed system consists of a dense bottom phase and a dilute upper part. The fuel reactors are implemented bubbling bed reactors with a freeboard of elutriated particles and a dense bubbling bed with two phases. The cyclone is modelled according to Muschelknautz. The two loop seals are considered as divided bubbling beds.

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