Geopolymer-based bricks may be the next generation of bricks: A case study of MINEALITHE as an alkaline activator

Conference Dates

May 27-June 1, 2018


The objective of this study is to compare the mechanical performance of fired bricks with geopolymer-based bricks by alkaline activation of clays. The alkaline activator considered in the research is called “MINEALITHE” that has a PH within the range of 13 -14. The choice of the solid material and the alkaline activator have a significant impact on the mechanical properties of the final product. Based on literature, the mechanical properties of Geopolymers produced from fly ash, Ground-granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBS) or calcined kaolin exhibits greater strength than Geopolymers based on non-calcined materials such as kaolin. This research challenges this statement by providing evidence in favour of a high mechanical strength of Kaolin thanks to the MINEALITHE Activator. For that, Geopolymer blocks are prepared by mixing clay, sand, MINEALITHE solution and water. Geopolymer samples are prepared according to different clay / MINEALITHE ratios. After curing at room temperature, samples are investigated using compressive and flexural tests. The results show that the obtained Geopolymers have a compressive strength comparable to that of fired bricks. This study gives insights into the potential of Geopolymer materials as a substitute of fired bricks for future constructions.

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