30 cubic meters batching, delivering, and pouring of activated fly ash concrete

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May 27-June 1, 2018


ABSTRACT: Mae Moh power plant (Thailand) has expelled fly ash more than 1.5 million tons each year for almost 2 decades. Around two thirds of them was managed to sale in cement and concrete industry. The Minority of fly ash was sale to other industries such as fertilizer. The deeper coal mine lead to the fly ash become high CaO and free. The leftover fly ash has sent to landfill because it failed to meet Thai standard specification of using fly ash in concrete. Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) has sought the sustainable way to maintain the use of fly ash in cement and concrete industry. So, EGAT begin pay attention to alkali-activated fly ash concrete as pilot project. It aims to enhance the turning research to be commercial product.

The pilot project was set up in the power plant area with 120 square meters (30 cubic meters) of alkali-activated fly ash concrete. It was planned to overlay in a truck yard which was 20 minutes far away from the batching plant. Several mixtures were pretested in laboratory to achieve the compressive strength more than 28 MPa at 28 days while provided at least 10 cm slump after pouring 2 hours. The mix required 4.5 tons of NaOH 6M and 1.7 tons of sodium silicate to be prepared and stocked in the existing OPC ready mixed plant. These two chemicals had to be well mixed in activator tank to reduce the temperature then rise to ambient before discharging to the batch

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