June 19-24, 2016 - Fairmont Tremblant Hotel, Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

Editors:   Franco Berruti, Western University, Canada
  Cedric Briens, Western University, Canada

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.

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Conference Program (GPE 2016), Franco Berruti and Cedric Briens (Article)


Marketable bioproducts and biomaterials from research to commercial manufacture for sustainability, greenhouse gas emission reductions and a circular economy, Richard Jewell (Abstract and Presentation)

Extraction of products from algae using green solvents, Philip G. Jessop, Pascale Champagne, and Roland Lee (Article)


Adhesives from biomass pyrolysis, Dongbing Li, Franco Berruti, and Cedric Briens (Abstract)


Hydrothermal treatment of bio-oil for the production of biodiesel antioxidants, Noemí Gil-Lalaguna, Ana Bautista, Lucía Botella, Alberto Gonzalo, José Luis Sánchez, and Jesús Arauzo (Abstract and Presentation)


Pyrolysis of residues from well-established biochemical processes for biomass conversion into liquid fuel, Devon Barry, Cedric Briens, and Franco Berruti (Abstract and Presentation)


Using the jiggled bed reactor to develop activated carbons from biomass residues, Anastasia Colomba, Franco Berruti, and Cedric Briens (Abstract)


Influence of pre-treatment on grass pyrolysis for high value products, Chiara Barbiero, Charles Greenhalf, Franco Berruti, and Cedric Briens (Abstract)

Selective production of sugars and glycolaldehyde from agricultural biomass using supercritical water as reaction medium, Celia M. Martínez, Danilo A. Cantero, Francesc Recasens, and MJ Cocero (Abstract)


Process for removal and recovery of phenolic compounds from switchgrass, Robert M. Counce, Nikki Labbé, Michelle L. Lehmann, Jack S. Watson, and Jingming Tao (Abstract and Presentation)


The integrated forest biorefinery, an example of green engineering, Miyuru Kannangara, Mariya Marinova, Michel Perrier, and Jean Paris (Abstract and Presentation)

Biomass gasification in a fluidized bed reactor: effect of temperature on properties and oxidative reactivity of chars, Mathieu Morin, Sébastien Pécate, Mehrdji Hémati, and Olivier Marsan (Abstract)

Characterization of fluidized bed pyrolysis of sewage sludge by time-resolved pressure measurements, Piero Salatino, Mirco Della Volpe, and Roberto Solimene (Abstract)


Two-stage thermochemical valorisation of sugar-derived humins, Paul de Wild (Abstract and Presentation)

Fundamental study and applications to biomass pyrolysis of the mechanically fluidized reactor, Valentina Lago, Franco Berruti, and Cedric Briens (Abstract)


Performance and emissions of a diesel engine fueled with biodiesel doped with a renewable antioxidant additive, Alberto Gonzalo, Jorge Arroyo, Francisco Moreno, Mariano Muñoz, Carlos Monné, Ana Bautista, Noemí Gil-Lalaguna, Cristina Dueso, and José Luis Sánchez (Abstract and Presentation)

Impact of TGA measurements on activation energy (ea) determination: case study applied to biomasses by means of isoconversional methods, Mauro Grigiante, Marco Brighenti, and D. Antolini (Abstract)

Improving resource efficiency to address climate change by observing nature, Jocelyn Doucet and Jamal Chaouki (Abstract)

Butanol production by clostridium acetobutylicum in a series of packed biofilm bed reactors, Francesca Raganati, Alessandra Procentese, Giuseppe Olivieri, Maria Elena Russo, Piero Salatino, and Antonio Marzocchella (Abstract)

Steam reforming of pyrolysis oil using nickel-spinel based catalysis, Jasmin Blanchard and Nicolas Abatzoglou (Abstract)

TIO2 – Catalysts dopped or impregnated with Pt on hydrogen production via water disociation using heterogeneous photocatalysis, Hugo de Lasa, Benito Serrano Rosales, Alan Ruben Calzada Hernandez, Jesus Fabricio Guayaquil, and Salvador Escobedo Salas (Abstract)

Development of ni-co bimetallic catalyst for hydrogen generation via supercritical water gasification of lignin and waste biomass, Kang Kang, Mohsen Shakouri, Ramin Azargohar, Ajay K. Dalai, and Hui Wang (Abstract)

Ammoxidation of acrolein to acrylonitrile over bismuth molybdate catalysts, Nguyen Thanh-Binh, Jean-Luc Dubois, and Serke Kaliaguine (Abstract)


Catalytic property of olivine for bio-oil gasification, Mohammad Latifi, Franco Berruti, and Cedric Briens (Abstract)

Heterogeneous catalysis for the extraction of arabinoxylans from wheat bran, Nuria Sánchez-Bastardo, María José Cocero, and Esther Alonso (Abstract)


Production of glycerol 1,2-carbonate from glycerol with aid of ionic liquid as catalyst, Nor Asrina Sairi; Zati Ismah; Yatimah Alias; Rozita Yusoff; and Mohamed Kheireddine Taieb Aroua, (Abstract and Presentation)

Batch fermentation of d-glucose/cellobiose mixtures by clostridium acetobutylicum atcc 824: energetic and carbon source regulation, Felipe Buendia-Kandia, Emmanuel Rondags, Anthony Dufour, Guillain Mauviel, and Emmanuel Guedon (Abstract)

ABE fermentation from microalgae-derived carbohydrates after lipid extraction, Kai Gao, Valerie Orr, and Lars Rehmann (Abstract)


Development and industrial application of novel non-cr passivity for electrolytic manganese, Siming Chen, Dongping Duan, E Zhou, and Ting Li (Abstract and Presentation)

Improving eia and lup practice in india: challenges and approaches, Sandip Roy (Abstract)

A new CO2 concentration process integrated into cement plants, Sébastien Wahl, Mehrdji Hemati, and Michel Gimenez (Abstract)

A comparative study of two processes for indoor vocs treatment: biofiltration vs. hybrid system (biological process+adsorption), Angela Luengas, Cécile Hort, Vincent Platel, Ana Elias, and Astrid Barona (Abstract)

Erythromycin degradation by an esterase in enzymatic membrane reactors, Jose Sanchez Marcano, Matthias de Cazes, Marie Pierre Belleville, Eddy Petit, Mathias Salomo, Sally Bayer, Rico Czaja, and Jean De Gunzburg (Abstract)


SOx trapping performances of cuo based silica mesoporous adsorbents for desulfurization of industrial flue gas stream, Sophie Dorge, Marc Berger, Habiba Nouali, Laure Michelin, Ludovic Josien, Matthieu Vierling, Michel Molière, Emmanuel Fiani, David Habermacher, Joël Patarin, Jean-François Brilhac, and Pierrick Gaudin (Abstract and Presentation)

Co-combustion of coal and a reengineered feedstock for emissions reduction, Mohammad Latifi, Abdelmajid Rakib, Pierre Sauriol, Jaber Shabanian, and Jamal Chaouki (Abstract)

Intensified post-combustion CO2 capture: potential of hollow fiber membrane contactor for absorption and stripping steps, David Albarracin-Zaidiza, Bouchra Belaissaoui, Sabine Rode, Denis Roizard, and Eric Favre (Abstract)


Development of a mobile 100 kg/h plant for pyrolysis using a mechanically fluidized reactor, Dhiraj Kankariya, Stefano Tacchino, Dominic Pjontek, Franco Berruti, and Cedric Briens (Abstract and Presentation)


Integrating batch pyrolysis and fractional condensation (2D MFR) to get high-value products from biomass, Mohammad Hossain, Chiara Barbiero, Ian Scott, Franco Berruti, and Cedric Briens (Abstract)


Microwave assisted pyrolysis of kraft lignin at reduce pressure in a multimode oven, Mattia Bartoli, Marco Frediani, Luca Rosi, and Piero Frediani (Abstract and Presentation)

The potentiality of reactive membranes for post combustion CO2 capture, Marc Pfister, Bouchra Belaissaoui, and Eric Favre (Abstract)

Polymeric membranes for treatment of produced water on offshore plateform, King Wo Li, Amira HANAFIA, Jean-Pierre Mericq, Damien Quemener, Catherine Faur, Andre Deratani, and Denis Bouyer (Abstract)

Ageing of reverse osmosis membranes under gamma irradiation, Nicolas Combernoux, Luc Schrive, Véronique Labed, Emilie Carretier, Yvan Wyart, and Philippe Moulin (Abstract)

Continuous flow intensification of ortho-lithiation at ambient conditions, Ruili Feng, Sushil Rajan Ramchandani, Balamurugan Ramalingam, Song Wei Benjamin Tan, Chuanzhao li, Soo Khean Teoh, Kamelia Boodhoo, and Paul Sharratt (Abstract)


Technological breakthrough and innovation in the production of whey powders, with 30-40% reduction in energy costs, Pierre Schuck, Anne Dolivet, Serge Méjean, Gaelle Tanguy, Daniel Garreau, Corrado Vezzani, and Romain Jeantet (Abstract and Presentation)


Bio-oils from microwave assisted pyrolysis of cellulose using a multi mode batch reactor, Marco Frediani, Piero Frediani, Luca Rosi, and Mattia Bartoli (Abstract and Presentation)

Dry fractionation of plant material powders using an electrostatic corona separator: a model study, Claire Mayer-Laigle, Andy Cadin, Sara Messal, Lucian Dascalescou, and Xavier Rouau (Abstract)

Integration of nanofiltration in the production of succinic acid from fermentation of lignocellulosic material, Hélène Roux-de Balmann, Kaemwich Jantama, Sunthorn Kanchanatawee, Sylvain Galier, and Panwana Khunnonkwao (Abstract)

Selective fractionation and depolymerization of lignocellulosic biomass using subcritical and supercritical water to produce hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin, Gianluca Gallina, Juan Garcia-Serna, Pierdomenico Biasi, and Maria Jose Cocero (Abstract)


Oxygen/steam charcoal gasification in a fluidized alumina bed, Rui Moreira, Rui Vaz, António Portugal, Noemí Gil-Lalaguna, Fernando Bimbela, and José Luis Sánchez (Abstract and Presentation)

A comparative experimental study on the impact of standard and torrefied wood pellets on the drive parameters of a stratified batch gasifier, Maurizio Grigiante, D. ANTOLINI, and M. BRIGHENTI (Abstract)


Wet air oxidation for industrial wastewater and sludge treatment: first results of a new research program in Quebec, Jean-François Vermette, Sophie Girard, and Patrick Desjardins (Abstract and Presentation)

Development of treatment train based on green technologies for removal and recovery of naphthenic acids from oil-sand process affected wastewater, Hojatallah Seyedy Niasar, Jing Wan, Sreejon Das, Chunbao Xua, and Madhumita B. Ray (Abstract)

Scale-up of a novel non-enzymatic cellulose-to-glucose hydrolysis process, Xavier Duret, James Kong Win Chang, and Jean-Michel Lavoie (Abstract)


How to reduce the energy costs of food and dairy products to spray drying?, Pierre Schuck, Anne Dolivet, Serge Méjean, and Romain Jeantet (Abstract and Presentation)

Secondary metabolites a potential improvement for the economy of second generation biofuel production, Thierry Ghislain, Emmanuel Eysseric, Pedro A. Segura, Olivier Lalonde, and Jean-Michel Lavoie (Abstract)

Costa Rica coffee pulp (broza) gasification. a stochiometric-chemical equilibrium model, Cindy Torres, Luis Urvina, Natalia Hernandez, and Hugo de Lasa (Abstract)

Energy integration of high pressure processes using gas turbines and internal combustion engines, Yoana García, Fidel A. Mato, M. Dolores Bermejo, Juan García, and M. José Cocero (Abstract)

Kinetic modeling of carbon dioxide valorization with epoxides, Viviana Contreras Moreno, Alain Ledoux, Lionel Estel, Rabah Azzouz, Vincent Levacher, Laurent Bischoff, and Salim Derrouiche (Abstract)

Production of lactic acid and glycolic acid in one-pot electrochemical cell, Ching Shya Lee, Mohamed Kheireddine Aroua, Wan Mohd Ashri Wan Daud, Patrick Cognet, and Yolande Pérѐs (Abstract)

Converting softwood to hardwood with supercritical fluids and gas-expanded liquids, Paul Charpentier, L. Yang, and William Xu (Abstract)

Study of chitosan enzymatic gelation kinetics for membrane preparation, Jean-Pierre Méricq, Damien Wlodarczyk, Laurence Soussan, Denis Bouyer, and Catherine Faur (Abstract)

Decarboxylating free fatty acids into fuels using subcritical water, Paul Charpentier, Zakir Hossain, Anil Jhawar, and M. Chowdhury (Abstract)

Efficient production of soy-bean lecithin – pluronic L64® encapsulated quercetin particles in nanometric scale using sfee and pgss drying processes, György Lévai, Ángel Martín, Soraya Rodríguez-Rojo, and María José Cocero (Abstract)

Extraction of algae oil in supercritical co2 using a soybean surfactant, Osariemen Ogbeide, Paul Charpentier, and Madhumita Ray (Abstract)

Microwave assisted pyrolysis of waste from short rotation coppice of poplar, Mattia Bartoli, Marco Frediani, Luca Rosi, and Piero Frediani (Abstract)

Natural cellulose coated dispersions: new opportunities in green process engineering and applications, Dmitry M. Rein, Sofia Napso, Gilad Alfassi, Hitomi Miyamoto, and Yachin Cohen (Abstract)

Green nanotechnology enabling waterproofing, repair and reuse of consumer electronics, Simon McElrea (Abstract)

Conception and optimization of heat integrated distillation column (HIDIC), Omar Yala, David Rouzineau, and Michel Meyer (Abstract)