Development of ni-co bimetallic catalyst for hydrogen generation via supercritical water gasification of lignin and waste biomass

Conference Dates

June 19-24, 2016


In this study, a series of Ni, Co mono and bimetallic catalyst supported by Mg and Al were prepared and evaluated for hydrogen production from various model /waste biomass samples via SCWG process. The SCWG tests were conducted at 650 °C, 26 MPa and water to biomass ratio of five. It was found that for catalyst preparation, coprecipitation technique is better than impregnation, and the best catalyst in terms of hydrogen yield is CopCat-2Ni4Co4. The hydrogen yield from different biomass with this catalyst was found to be in the order of: Canola meal > Timothy grass > Wheat straw ~ Lignin > Cellulose. Canola meal was identified as a promising feedstock for hydrogen production from SCWG. Also, the effect of catalyst loading on hydrogen yield was investigated.It was confirmed that high catalyst loading up to 50 wt% is desirable for hydrogen production.

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