Conference Dates

June 19-24, 2016


Current pyrolysis processes perform the thermal decomposition of biomass into a liquid bio-oil, bio-char and non-condensable gases, at around 500 °C, without the addition of oxygen gas. The bio-oil is a complex mixture of many components that is used either as a substitute for fuel oil or for applications such as liquid smoke and bio-phenol resins that do not require pure chemicals.

The large-scale mechanical fluidized reactor (MFR) is a new technology for the pyrolysis of biomass developed by ICFAR, which does not require a sand bed and, thus, provides an undiluted solid char residue, which is essential to realize its full value. The MFR is made of a vertical cylinder (0.3 m ID, 1.1 m high) with a volume of 78 litres, which is mixed with a spiral blade impeller. Its biomass processing capacity is 50 to 100 kg/h. The unit is made of a feeder able to move any kind of biomass up to 70% humidity without limitation due to the biomass size.

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