Conference Dates

June 19-24, 2016


The industrial extraction of lipids from microalgae is hampered in part by the energy intensive nature of extraction procedures, and the cost and toxicity of the solvents used. Both liquid carbon dioxide (lCO2) and mixtures of methanol and CO2 are shown to be viable alternatives for the extraction of lipids from wet microalgae. Both the rate of extraction and the total yield of extract was found to be dependent on the microalgae concentration and stirring. With higher concentrations of microalgae, the extraction yield decreased, likely as a result of the reduced interaction between the algae and the lCO2. On the other hand through the use of mixed solvent systems of methanol CO2 it was possible to achieve higher extractions however, to reach similar extraction with mixed solvents systems it was found that very high volumes of methanol was required. Using mixtures of methanol and CO2 it is possible to achieve greater yields, however high volumes of methanol are required.

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