Ageing of reverse osmosis membranes under gamma irradiation

Conference Dates

June 19-24, 2016


Reverse osmosis (RO) shows a real growth among the water and wastewater treatment processes available (evaporation, ions exchange, electrodialysis) since forty years. RO has become the most used processes for desalination of seawater or saline water.

Following Fukushima-Daiichi accident, RO has been chosen as the final treatment of the seawater used to cool the damaged nuclear reactors. Only very few studies and data has been published about RO applied to radioactive wastewater. Currently RO membranes are made of polymers that are sensitive to irradiation and could be strongly damaged due to these ionizing radiations. Data about the ageing of the membranes under these operating conditions are very difficult to obtain even if RO seems to be efficient in the process used in Fukushima.

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