Conference Dates

June 19-24, 2016


There are two essential stages in the elimination of water for the production of whey and permeate powders: concentration by vacuum evaporation followed by spray drying. These two operations alone represent 25% of the energy consumed by the French dairy industry, the major part of which is due to the drying stage. Indeed, 96.7% of the whey water is removed during the vacuum evaporation/concentration stage, whereas drying, which removes only 3.3% of the water, requires 31% of the total energy used over the entire process.

One possible way to reduce energy consumption would be for the product to enter the drying tower at a higher level of dryness. We therefore propose replacing the drying tower with rotating evaporators, i.e. equipment adapted to highly viscous products able to pass from a liquid state to a granular state by a continuous process.

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