Integration of nanofiltration in the production of succinic acid from fermentation of lignocellulosic material

Conference Dates

June 19-24, 2016


The aim of this study is to investigate the integration of nanofiltration in succinic acid production based on a fermentation from lignocellulosic material. An experimental investigation is reported carried out with NF 45 membrane and synthetic fermentation broths of increasing complexity containing succinate salt and different impurities like inorganic salts, glucose or other organic acid salts like acetate. The influence of the operating conditions (pH, pressure...) as well as of the broth composition on the NF performances was studied. The mechanisms governing the transfer of the solutes through the membrane were investigated in order to explain the different solute retentions observed according to the fermentation broth composition. Finally, according the knowledge of the mechanisms, a methodology was proposed to perform the purification of a succinate fermentation broth. The succinate/acetate separation has been carried considering the operations proposed in this study, i.e. dilution, NF in a diafiltration mode and RO concentration steps. It was shown that it is possible to increase the succinate purity from 85 % to 99.5 % while maintaining the total yield higher than 92 %.

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