Costa Rica coffee pulp (broza) gasification. a stochiometric-chemical equilibrium model

Conference Dates

June 19-24, 2016


The ICAFE (Costa Rica Coffee Institute) and Universidad de Costa Rica are leading organizations researching the application of new technologies for coffee production and utilization coffee by-products. Central to this issue is the demonstration of gasification technology applicable to the coffee waste (broza and cascarilla) about 70wt% of the coffee fruit [1]. To accomplish this, the UCR has established academic collaboration since 2014 with the CREC (Chemical Reactor Engineering Centre) from Western University.

The present study, describes a Stoichiometric-Chemical Equilibrium model specifically developed for simulating the gasification of coffee pulp (broza de café) in a down draft gasifier. Results of the model are compared with data from experimental runs developed in a 10 kg/h downflow gasifer unit.

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