Conception and optimization of heat integrated distillation column (HIDIC)

Conference Dates

June 19-24, 2016


Distillation is the most applied separation technology. Its major drawback is the low thermodynamic efficiency (typically around 10%) [1]. In response to the environmental issues that concerns energy consumption of distillation column, HIDiC (heat integrated distillation column) is expected to have a large impact on energy saving. The mixtures with close boiling point are confirmed to be the best candidates for HIDiC [2]. In fact, in this configuration the rectifying section and the stripping section are separated. Heat is transferred inside the distillation column from the rectifying to the stripping section, because the operating pressure (and thus the temperature) of the rectifying section is increased by means of the compressor.

First, the aim of this study is to develop a simulation model of HIDiC by using commercial software ProSimPlus. The influence of design variables (distribution of heat all along the column, reflux ratio and rectifying section absolute pressure) on energy saving are studied. In addition, in order to minimize the energy consumption and the total annual cost (CAPEX, OPEX), sensitive parameters are defined and optimized.

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