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May 18-22, 2003

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AECL and EPRI have been evaluating candidate amines for control of corrosion and fouling in recirculating nuclear steam generators. To permit an unambiguous ranking of the suitability of the candidate amines, the characteristics of base strength, volatility, price, steam generator fouling, cost of associated condensate and blowdown polishing, toxicity and ecotoxicity have been summarized in a single numerical index. The majority of the data required for the calculation of the index is available in the literature. The effect of amine on steam generator fouling has been measured using a recirculating loop at AECL under flow boiling conditions. The loop results coupled with steam generator modelling indicate a significant reduction in steam generator fouling rates when optimized chemistry is used. The calculated reduction in the cost of steam generator fouling and corrosion control for several amines and amine mixtures is given.