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July 1-6, 2007

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IHS ESDU recently published its latest ‘User Guide’ to fouling in heat exchange systems, for systems with fresh water as the coolant. ESDU 07006 [1] is the third in a group, following the development of the Crude Oil Fouling User Guide [2] issued in 2000 and the Seawater Fouling User Guide [3] issued in 2004. ESDU 07006 was developed by IHS ESDU over a period of five years under the guidance of the Oil Industry Fouling Working Party, a collaborative team of oil refiners, heat transfer equipment and services suppliers and Universities. It provides designers and operators of cooling water facilities with a practical source of guidance on the occurrence, the mechanisms and the mitigation of fresh water fouling in these systems. IHS ESDU’s Oil Industry Fouling Working Party was formed in recognition of the huge economic and environmental importance of heat exchanger fouling and the potential benefits that can accrue from better understanding of mitigation strategies. Work is now underway on reboiler and FCCU fouling. The development of the User Guide ESDU 07006 is discussed in this paper and its technical content is summarized.